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Couple call police after discovering terrifying secret room in their house
Featured Image Credit: kids_up_in_here/TikTok

Couple call police after discovering terrifying secret room in their house

They had no idea about the room despite living in the property for four years

A couple were terrified when they made an alarming discovery in their home, despite having lived in the property for four years.

TikToker Aurora Blazingstar and her husband were removing the carpet from their basement as they renovated their home, but found more than a few cockroaches running around.

In a clip shared to TikTok on March 22, Aurora films the moment her husband slides a chunk of plaster wall out the way to reveal a doorway.

The pair then open the door to find a small, hidden room that they never knew existed.

"What the f**k, we have never seen this in our house and we have lived here for four years," Aurora says in the video that's been viewed over 927,000 times (at the time of writing).

Panning round the room, she shows that there's electric wires and sockets in there and a very old-looking mat.

Aurora also randomly discovered a magnet of a duck on the floor.

"They probably had, like, a gun safe in here," she goes on to suggest while noting the masses of rust. "This is weird."

Whether it was for guns or not, Aurora seemed quite confident that there had once been a safe in the secret room.


Discussing what to do with the newfound addition to their home, Aurora's husband quips that it could be a guest room for when her mother comes to stay with them.

Dozens have since shared their own suggestions of what the room could have been and what Aurora and her husband should make it into.

One person wrote: "That’s so crazy!!! Are you sure there’s not another secret door in there?!? Maybe you guys have a secret labyrinth running through the house."

"Everyone settle down, it's just a grow room. You could use it as a panic room though," added another.

Writing similar sentiments abut it maybe being a 'grow room', another person said: "Looks like a grow room."

"Everyone is saying jail cell, but with all that electrical in there, I think they were growing pot," agreed someone else.


Meanwhile, a different person suggested that Aurora ring the police.

"Ma’am, that screams murder room," they said. "You can only open the door from the outside, there is a floor drain and 'rust' on the floor. I think you guys need to have the police come in and look at that."

With their message in mind, Aurora informed her followers in an update that she did end up calling the police.

Giving an update in the days that followed her first video, she explained that when officers came to investigate the room, they 'didn't find any evidence of a crime' or anything that 'looked like DNA evidence that needed to be collected'.

In light of this, Aurora confirmed that they haven't opened an investigation.

"They were really impressed with how the room was hidden and thought it was really cool," she concluded the follow-up video.

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