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Man roasted for 'dumbest tattoo ever' after showing off ink he got for his girlfriend
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bettyzootattoo

Man roasted for 'dumbest tattoo ever' after showing off ink he got for his girlfriend

An unnamed man has been roasted online for a unique tattoo he got in honour of his girlfriend.

A man has been roasted online for the 'dumbest tattoo ever' after showing off his new ink got specifically for his girlfriend.

We've seen some pretty wild tattoos online over the years, perhaps none more so than the woman with 800 of them who struggles to hold down a job as a result.

Now, a man is getting an awful lot of stick online all because of a tattoo he got in honour of his other half.

Something like that is often labelled by the internet as 'sweet', though that is usually because a man has honoured his girlfriend by getting her initials on him, or something similar.

This particular tattoo is very much not that though, as a caption to the viral TikTok video read: "POV: getting a tattoo of your girlfriend’s bite mark."

In the short 20-second video, a woman is seen biting the man's bicep so hard that it leaves a bite mark on his body.

After the deed had been done, a tattoo artist drew over the bite mark with a red pen for the rather unique piece of ink.

The man's girlfriend initially bit him.

She then reached for her tattoo gun to permanently etch the bite mark onto the man's bicep.

Suppose that's one way of showing your love for someone, eh.

The video was posted by Betty Zoo Tattoo, a tattoo parlour in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The TikTok quickly went viral on the popular video platform, amassing close to 14 million views less than a week after it first uploaded.

Most of the people to flock to the comments section so far did not hold back on telling the unnamed couple what they think of the tattoo.

"'What’s the stupidest tattoo you can think of getting?'" one user joked.

A second added: "'What's the dumbest idea for a tattoo... I want one of those?'"

Many are not impressed with the tattoo.

While a third asked: "I feel like couple’s tattoos have so many cute ideas but y’all getting bite marks why?"

Many others pointed out the potential scenario of the couple breaking up in the future.

That would certainly be a tricky one for the man to explain to a future partner wouldn't it?

Not everyone was against the tattoo though, with one user penning: "Oh- I guess I’m the only one who liked this."

While another said: "Wait I feel like this is lowkey cute."

Love it or loathe it, the man's tattoo is certainly on the unique side.

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