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American woman mercilessly mocked for not understanding the way Australians tell the time

American woman mercilessly mocked for not understanding the way Australians tell the time

The internet didn't hold back

An American woman has been mercilessly mocked for not understanding the way Australians tell the time.

Jenna Lu, took to TikTok to look for Aussies among her 77.2k followers to see if there was 'a difference' in how they told time compared to how she does in the States.

In the video, Jenna asked several questions including whether Australians use the term 'o'clock', as well as asking if they have a different amount of seconds that make up a minute. See for yourself:

"Do you guys have the same 60 seconds in a minute?" she wondered, "Or would you say there's 100 seconds in a minute for you?"

She continued: "Do you not use minutes? I don't know.

"Now I'm not sure if you also use minutes and hours, but yeah, let me know because I love learning stuff from you guys."

Jenna captioned the short clip: "My Google is currently broken," and it has since taken the internet by storm after clocking up more than 83.9k views in just one day since it was first posted to the platform.

Hundreds upon hundreds have since flooded into the comments section to share their reactions to Jenna's information call-out, and let's just say they weren't afraid to hold back.

Some were left utterly bewildered by Jenna's questions with many praying the whole thing was 'satire'.

Jenna's TikTok video has sent the internet into a frenzy.

One TikTok user declared: "If this isn’t satire I’ll cry."

"How good would it be if there were a site where you could check this out on..." sarcastically suggested a second.

A third explained: "Everywhere else has a time difference, not just people who use the metric system."

Many, possibly aware that Jenna may even be joking herself, wisecracked with their own outside the box answers to her question.

One TikTok user penned: "Australian here. We say 7 o'roo (short for kangaroo I think)."

A second echoed: "We actually measure things in kangaroos."

People couldn't wait to share their outlandish answers to Jenna's questions.

"We actually have different time frames in different states...for example... in Queensland its still 1993... but Victoria is 2023," commented a third.

A fourth chimed in: "We don’t have clocks we just look at the moon and guess."

"We actually don’t have clocks, we use sun dials," wrote another.

"We just have to look outside and guess because we don’t use time here in Australia," added a sixth, clearly taking the banter to the next level.

A few other bright sparks, however, could tell from a mile away that the whole thing was one big practical joke.

"Okay this is satire I get it now," admitted one viewer user.

A final TikTok user congratulated Jenna: "A+ for doubling down."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / itsjennalu

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