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'Proud' mom hits back after video of her enthusiastically hugging her son raises eyebrows

'Proud' mom hits back after video of her enthusiastically hugging her son raises eyebrows

She celebrated with her son after a football game

A mom and son have hit back after a video of them hugging after a football game drew inappropriate comments online.

Amber Wright had been celebrating after a game of football where her son, 16-year-old Brixton, had been playing. After the match she had run up to him and hugged him, wrapping her legs around him before he put her down.

The video drew inappropriate comments online, with many people speculating about the hug, finding it odd.

But now, Amber and Brixton have hit back at comments which made suggestions about their relationship.

Amber said that she was 'proud' of her son after the game and had gone to give him a hug.

Speaking to TODAY, she said: “I was so proud. I was a proud mom hugging her kid. I never expected it to turn into something where people are like, ‘You’re sexually abusing him! You're grooming him! I’m calling child protective services."

She explained that it was also the first time that Brixton had worn a football jersey on the field with his late father's death date - his father sadly passed away on April 4 - so he may have been more emotional than usual.

Amber hugged her son after the game.

Amber explained: “He was feeling emotional, and I think as his mom, I’m his safe space."

Brixton also hit back at people who had made comments about the video and dismissed any suggestions about their relationship as ridiculous.

He wrote on Instagram: "How abt you leave my mom alone. She’s never abused me done anything sexual with me or my friends or groomed me.

"She’s my mom she is my hero the vid of us hugging was a HUG. Go bother someone else and maybe hug your own kids. You all need Jesus damn."

The pair have hit back at comments about the hug.

Amber added: “I come from a very affectionate family. I hug my dad every time I see him. What you saw on the football field is just how we are. Brix will pick me up and squeeze me and then put me back down."

In the original post, Amber included the caption: "This boy will forever and always have my entire heart. Gina captured the end of this moment, and I’m SO grateful.

"When I walked up to hug my baby boy after his game, he immediately picked me up and just held me. It may have been 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, I have no idea. But in this moment, time stood completely still.

"I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve you @brix_wright but I am thankful every second of every single day for you."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ambslund

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