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Fitness influencer responds after bodybuilder Joey Swoll calls her out for 'filming her butt'
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@‌ Swoll

Fitness influencer responds after bodybuilder Joey Swoll calls her out for 'filming her butt'

Addison Elisa has responded after being called out by bodybuilder Joey Swoll

A fitness influencer has responded after bodybuilder Joey Swoll called her out for 'filming her butt'.

No matter how experienced you are, joining a new gym can be super daunting, with a whole load of different equipment to get used to, unfamiliar surroundings, and new faces.

While the gym is the place to improve your fitness and tone up, it also seems to be the destination for viral content.

One clip from fitness influencer Addison Elisa suffered such fate recently as she called out a male stranger in the gym.

The TikToker, who is based in North Carolina, shared the now-deleted video to Instagram.

It showed Addison admiring her muscles in the mirror in an empty room at the gym.

It appears the studio was busier than Addison thought, as a man walked past the glass doors and took a peak inside.

The video has now been deleted.

Addison appeared to hit out at the man for 'admiring her gains', in a video that quickly went viral on social media.

The influencer said in text on the video: "POV: You're admiring your gains, but so is the random guy walking past the room.

"I wish I could say this is the first time this has [happened]."

While the video has now been deleted, Joey caught wind of the clip, and it's fair to say he's far from impressed.

The fitness fanatic - who is known for calling people out for bad behavior at the gym - didn't feel it was fair to accuse the ‘random guy’ of inappropriate behavior.

"Filming your a** for the entire internet to see, but you’re upset when a guy walking by looks in to see what you’re doing?" Joey said in a response video.

"How does that even make sense? This nonsense needs to stop."

Joey Swolls called out the influencer.

He added: "You're in a shared space - the gym. You have a tripod set up. You're posing. People are going to look at you. That's normal. This does not make that man a gym creep.

"But let me guess, if he would have looked and liked your post online, you'd be okay with it. You need to do better. Mind your own business."

Addison has since issued a response after being slammed by Joey.

"Joey Swoll, I understand your intent when you post is to bring light to things, and accountability has been taken by me," she wrote on Instagram.

"My intent was not to blast this man when posting this video, however, that’s how it was received."

Addison has since issued a response.

She continued: "But to be a man with so much influence and taking a video that said NOTHING about me having a problem with him looking in the room OR my a** out of context, is wild to me.

"I get awkward the second I see someone coming, not because he was a man, but because it caught me off-guard.

"Not because I had a problem with him walking by, I don’t care who looks at me in the gym. We all have eyes. I’ve probably been caught in 4k before, as well."

Addison concluded: "Do better and take accountability for the hatred that comes because of your actions as well."

UNILAD has contacted Joey Swoll for comment.

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