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Ukrainians are organising an orgy in response to threat of nukes

Ukrainians are organising an orgy in response to threat of nukes

More than 15,000 people have pledged to attend the orgy in the event of an attack.

Orgies are a popular bucket list item, and in the face of a potential nuclear disaster, it seems they have been on the minds of many Ukrainians

Now, the war-ravaged country has began to organise one in response to the ongoing nuclear threat from Russia.

The humorous coping mechanism was set up online in response to the potential threat, with prospective participants being told to head to the orgy in the event of an attack.

The orgy will happen only if Russia acts on its nuclear threats.
Instagram / v_serduchka

Set up on 26 September, the potential orgy is scheduled to take place on a hill outside the capital city of Kyiv, and more than 15,000 people have already pledged to attend.

The event, posted on a Telegram channel, was titled: "Orgy on Shchekavystsa: Official."

Attendees of the orgy have been told that should it happen, they should indicate what kind of sex they're hoping for with stripes on their hands.

The organisers observed: "They say that all the apartments with a view of Shchekavystsa have for some reason disappeared from real estate sites."

A local woman explained that the orgy's existence is a reflection of the good humour and general optimism of the Ukrainian people.

She told Radio Free Europe: "It's the opposite of despair. Even in the worst-case scenario, people will look for something good. That's the mega-optimism of Ukrainians."

Meanwhile, a man said it showed the Ukrainian people will transform even the bleakest of situations into something good.

"It's an attempt to show that the more they try to scare us, the more we will transform it into something else," he said.

Ukrainians want to turn the nuclear threat into something else entirely.
PA / Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment

Updates about the ongoing threat from Russia are being shared via Telegram, where the Ukrainian efforts to strike back have been called 'BDSM parties for Russians'.

However, on a more serious note, preparations are legitimately being mate in Kyiv to help save lives should a nuclear attack happen.

Potassium iodine pills are being prepared to help combat the effects of potentially lethal radiation levels. The pills, if used, would be taken just before or after exposure.

While Russia is currently losing the ongoing war on the ground, its president, Vladimir Putin, has asserted that they will 'use all the means at our disposal' to win the war.

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Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Tero Vesalainen/Alamy Stock Photo

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