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Woman finds trapdoor in her parents’ 200-year-old house

Woman finds trapdoor in her parents’ 200-year-old house

She'd never seen the door before, despite her parents living at the property for six decades

A woman found a hidden trapdoor beneath the floorboards of her parents’ 200-year-old farmhouse - and you’ll be pleased to know she shared her discovery on TikTok.

Jennifer Mallaghan, or @jennifermallaghan30, from the UK, shared a clip of the historic property, which her parents have called home for almost 60 years on the platform where she showed the rooms that had been hidden ‘for years’.

You can check it out for yourself here:

In the clip, which was shared on TikTok, Jennifer explains: “My parents' farmhouse is over 200-years-old.”

The footage shows what appears to be some renovations taking place, but as the camera pans across the room a hole can be seen in the middle of the floor.

“Come see what we found today after them living here for nearly 60-years,” Jennifer continued. “Hidden rooms under the floorboards.”

The camera then shows a man standing on a floor of rubble in one of the dark, ‘secret’ rooms, using a hammer to try to open a compartment. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

In a comment, Jennifer explained what the area was, writing: “It was like a maids pantry with a bedroom and fireplace.”

She made a 200-year-old discovery.

When asked if she planned on refurbishing the rooms, Jennifer replied: “No unfortunately not. We just wanted to see what was down there, disappointing no old treasure.”

Jennifer isn’t the first TikToker to make such a discovery in recent weeks - just last month, podcaster and life coach Julia Henning made a fascinating discovery under the stairs in her house.

In a video posted to TikTok, she revealed a previously unnoticed trapdoor under the stairs. When opened, it revealed a spiral staircase descending into a room underneath the house.

However, Julia was less keen to rush straight in than Jennifer and one follow-up clip revealed that she’d called in a psychic medium to check the place out.

Jennifer confirmed that 'no treasure' was found.

But if she was hoping for reassurance, she didn’t get it, as the medium was 'uncomfortable' with going down into the room.

Nonetheless, after several updates, Julia decided to descend the staircase for herself.

Inside was a bare concrete wall on side, with the other containing some wooden shelving and something which looked like it was designed as a wine rack.

There was also some writing which had been scrawled on the wall, saying someone's name - which does seem a bit ominous, but let’s be honest, with a damp course, deep clean, lick of paint, dehumidifier, and some nice lighting, it looked like it could be pretty cozy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jennifermallaghan30

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