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People blown away after seeing prices on old Taco Bell receipt from 1997
Featured Image Credit: David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images / Reddit/disintegaytion

People blown away after seeing prices on old Taco Bell receipt from 1997

The 1997 receipt was uploaded to Reddit, with many shocked at how cheap the fast food chain use to be

People have been left shocked after a receipt from Taco Bell dated back to 1997 resurfaced on social media.

Of course, inflation is going to rise over the years - meaning the cost of something ten or 20 years ago was significantly lower than it is in 2023.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that many factors - including Russia's war in Ukraine - have led to inflation increasing a lot higher than expected in the last 18 months.

On top of that, many people's wages have not raised in line with inflation, leading to millions of US citizens being worse off.

The purchase of most items, from everyday essentials to luxury goods, has risen to unprecedented heights in recent months.

Perhaps a good indication of how much they have climbed is by looking at prices of items in the past, and in particular a 1997 visit to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is a US staple.
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

The Mexican-inspired food chain has been loved by many millions for years, but in recent times its prices have certainly increased, like any fast-food giant, really.

Well, a 1997 receipt from Taco Bell has gone viral in the past few weeks, leaving people blown away at the unbelievably low prices.

Uploaded to Reddit last month, the receipt shows a rather worse-for-wear receipt from a 1 November 1997 visit to eatery, with a full meal order.

How much would you pay for a Taco Bell meal these days? $10-15, or perhaps even $20 if you're feeling extra peckish.

Well, this meal came to the very low sum of just $3.15, which really is peanuts nowadays, isn't it?

The meal included a bean burger for just 69 cents, while a medium-sized Pepsi set the customer back 99 cents.

The meal actually came to a grand total of $2.92, rounding up to $3.15 after tax.

What a deal, eh?

Many flocked to the comment section of the Reddit post to reminisce on the old prices.

One person penned: "I remember seeing a car in front of us who ordered over $10 of food and we were shocked to see that price at the window!!"

A second added: "Taco Bell was still almost this cheap all the way until about 2010 or so."

While a third summarized: "I’m 55 and this is still what my mind thinks Taco Bell charges... It’s shocking to me what fast food costs now.

"We used to go through Jack in the box after partying late at night for 2 tacos for 99 cents. Taco Bell was super cheap too. McDonald’s had 49 cent cheeseburgers."

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