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Sugar baby reveals she’s made $500,000 and traveled the world thanks to her rich clients

Sugar baby reveals she’s made $500,000 and traveled the world thanks to her rich clients

The woman says there 'is literally nothing to lose'.

A woman has opened up about her life as a sugar baby and it certainly sounds luxurious.

She was initially worked as a stripper in New York City as a side hustle while she was studying acting.

She was earning between $700 to $1,000 every night and she used the cash to pay for things that would hopefully get her one step closer to an acting gig.

“I used the money for auditions or to pay for headshots," she said. “I then started to do more sugar baby stuff. I felt I could do that.


“I thought ‘I’m an actor - I could pretend to be someone’s girlfriend’.”

The woman, from Cocoa beach, Florida, discovered the art of dating sugar daddies and found she was earning around $300 per date.

She said the men ranged in age from 37 and 45, however some were outside that bracket.

She had a lightbulb moment when she realised she could charge whatever she wanted and ended up asking for no less than $1,000 for a night of her time.

Since jumping on the sugar baby train, the now 27-year-old has been taken on incredible holidays and gets paid up to $5,000 per trip.


“You only live once. There is literally nothing to lose," the sugar baby said. “I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I was with him for six days.

"He's amazing. He's a super nice and respectful man. We had a balcony suite. We gambled a lot.

"It was a fun little trip. I'm so grateful this person paid for it. Everyone else paid for a cruise. I'm getting paid to be on the cruise.

"It's a good job. I've probably made half a million dollars doing this. One year in New York I made $200k without even realising."

However, she believes her decision to be a sugar baby was a 'survival thing'.


“I didn’t really have to do anything," she said.

The amazing trips aren't all they're cracked up to be though. One time she had to leave a holiday in Italy after being invited by a married couple.

“They said ‘oh my god, you seem so fun – me and my wife would love to meet up’.

“We met twice and then agreed to go on a 10-day trip. I said 'I want to be flown first class and I didn’t want to pay for anything when I was there.' I asked to be paid $4k for the trip.”

She left after two days because she felt uncomfortable from their constant arguing.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS