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Restaurant server says customer expected her to know exactly how many Brussels sprouts were on her plate
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @katiebiggar0 / Norbert-Zsolt Suto / Alamy Stock Photo

Restaurant server says customer expected her to know exactly how many Brussels sprouts were on her plate

The server was totally baffled by the woman's bizarre request

It's pretty common to ask your server if the burger comes with fries or how many chicken wings make up a portion - but what's less common is repeatedly demanding that your server knows the precise measurements of a side plate of veg.

And this was exactly the case for one restaurant server who has said that a customer expected her to know the exact amount of Brussels sprouts that were on her plate.

She asked the same question four times in a row. Check it out:

The server in question, Katie, took to TikTok to share with her 184,500 followers the latest weird encounter she faced whilst at work.

Katie began her video with a storyline-style anecdote from one of her shifts.

She began the short clip telling her followers: "I served for 11 hours today. No break. All right, zilch."

The TikToker then started recreating a particularly odd encounter she had with a customer.

"This lady is like, 'I want a side of Brussels sprouts'.

"And I'm like, 'I love those, amazing'.

What was once a totally reasonable request then shortly transformed into a bizarre interrogation all about exact quantities of the tiny little veggies.

Katie claimed that the woman then asked: "How many Brussels sprouts come in it?"

The server, clearly perplexed by the question, then told the diner: "Oh, I mean the bowls like this big," gesturing to about a hand-sized serving.

'The bowl is, like, this big'.

Persevering with her demands, the woman then repeated: "But, how many?" to which Katie replied a 'normal amount'.

According to the server, the woman then asked in an accusing tone: "You don't know?"

"No," Katie replied, "I've actually never, like, counted them individually."

Still not getting the hint, the woman demanded for a final time 'Why?" to which Katie said: "Because I have work."

She concluded the video asking her followers: "What do you say?"

The clip has since racked up over 264,300 views with hundreds of viewers taking no time to flood into the comment section offering their advice for handling the sticky situation.

One TikTok user advised Katie respond with: "I haven't counted them because I'm WORKING not standing around counting Brussels sprouts..?"

Hundreds weighed in to help Katie answer the woman's question.

"Because in all my years working here no one has ever asked me how many Brussels sprouts come in a bowl," a second offered.

A third then came in with the perfect tried-and-tested answer: "Portions are measures out in weight and Brussels sprouts vary in size, so the amount isn't always exact."

Others chimed in with similar quantity-based qualms they've also had with customers whilst serving.

"I asked a lady if she wanted a 6oz or 9oz pour of wine," one TikTok user revealed, "she asked me what the difference was [I said] 'umm about 3oz'. She wasn't pleased with that answer."

Another piped up with: "Someone tried to get me to quantify the spinach dip the other day. I'm like, it's spinach dip it can't be counted."

A final TikTok user added: "Someone asked me how many MUSSELS came in the dish... idk bro I've never counted."

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