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People claim they've chosen wrong career after tradesmen reveal how much they're paid each year
Featured Image Credit: Getahead

People claim they've chosen wrong career after tradesmen reveal how much they're paid each year

Reddit users were forced to question their career and job choices after seeing how much money tradesman in Australia make.

Hearing that your friends are making more money than you might have you feeling some kind of way... but just wait till you hear how much some tradesmen earn.

People were blown away when it was revealed how much a UPS driver and a Hooters waitress earn each week, and if you needed further evidence you're in the wrong job, here it is.

Brisbane-based tech start-up - an app which turns job-hunting into Tinder-style swiping - shared a series of interviews with tradespeople opening up on how much they earn, which is now blowing up on Reddit.

The clip saw tradesman give a rough breakdown of how much money they earn either weekly or annually.

And some of their answers are shocking.

When asked how much he got paid, a plumber said he gets paid about AU $40-$45 (US $26-$29) an hour.

A second year carpentry apprentice says after tax he goes home with about AU $1,100 (US $720) a week.

For a concrete pumper he makes AU $1,300 (US $850) a week, while a scaffolder said he earns around the same at AU $1.5k (US $980) a week.

If you thought that was a lot, another scaffolder says he earns double that, raking in AU $3,000 (US $1,900) per week.

Among some of the top earners in the video, a diesel fitter specializing in heavy earth-moving equipment said he gets about AU $130 (US $85) per hour, while an auto electrician and diesel fitter said he earns about AU $120,000 (US $78k) per year.

A woman who works fitting and machining in mines, meanwhile, gets paid between AU $130k (US $85k) and AU $140k (US $91k) per year.

Social media users on Reddit have been questioning whether they picked the wrong career.

Commenting on the surprising earning potential for some, one Reddit user wrote: “Makes you think uni's a scam. I could do auto electrical for that money easy.”

“Deep regret going to university and studying an undergraduate and a masters degree to be on $70k fml,” another added.

“I have a friend who quit med and went to the mines and they’re way happier and earn double. Much better conditions too, no abuse from psycho patients,” a third added.

“Cries in social worker,” joked another.

However, some users weren’t convinced and said many of these jobs pay well because an individual often must work long hours, overtime and it can take a toll on your health.

As well as that, some people just said the people interviewed could straight up be lying.

But in the words of Buster Baxter: “You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies!?”

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