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Police find massive alligator and baby cow in residential property

Police find massive alligator and baby cow in residential property

Footage released by US police shows a massive alligator being saved as a baby cow was nowhere to be seen on their second visit.

Officials in the US were left shocked after they discovered a massive alligator alongside a baby cow in a residential property - it couldn't be more 'Little and Large' if it tried.

Police in the Washington state found the alligator living inside a shipping container on Friday, 21 October following a previous animal control inspection.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the alligator they discovered was a whopping 6ft 7in.

Police were investigating the site after being tipped-off that an alligator was living on the property.

Animal control then visited the property for the first time on 20 October and found the alligator was being stored in a small tub inside a shipping container, alongside a 'very sick' baby cow.

Also in the claustrophobic tub was a mattress for the 32-year-old owner to sleep with the animals.

After their initial findings, animal control returned the next day with a warrant to seize the animal and check on the sick baby cow.

The gator was rather large.

However, when they turned up, the baby cow and the owner were nowhere to be seen, with 'Al' the alligator all on his own.

Body camera footage posted by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department shows officials trying to help the gator into a van.

In a blog post by the force, they joked: "No it’s not the new singing crocodile movie and it’s not the Discovery Channel."

Not shown on the footage but mentioned in the blog post, animal control got the gator out of the tub and held him down in what was the most dangerous part of the operation.

Deputies then assisted with taping the gator's mouth close to avoid anyone being bitten by the daunting animal.

The video shows an officer on the other side to the van where the gator is being placed into, as he opens the cage to dry and drag him across.

After trying to back up out of the van, officers manage to get him into position and then are able to lock him in.

Police and animal control had to work hard to get the gator in the van.

Police say the gator was in good health and would now spend time in a larger habitat following what would have been a squashed experience in the tiny storage container.

As for the escaped owner and the injured calf, no details from Pierce County Sheriff’s Department were revealed.

Featured Image Credit: @piercesheriff/Twitter

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