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People baffled at video of high school students from 1989

People baffled at video of high school students from 1989

"They look older, healthier, and have more self awareness"

Throwback footage of a group of high school students from the late 80s has left people baffled - and not just because of the shocking barnets on display.

Unfortunately, we're uncertain who these kids are or where their lives took them, but what we do know is the clip was filmed in 1989.

It was shared by Twitter page A Slice of History, where it's since received hundreds of comments from the online community.

People were shocked for a number of reasons, including their suggestions that the 'students' look a lot older than they're purported to be.

"Man I’m 37 and those kids still look older than me," joked one commenter, while another said: "Can someone explain to me why high school students each year look younger and younger. These people look like they’re in their mid 30s."

In an attempt to answer their question, one Twitter user suggested that it's all down to their style.

"They look 'older' because they continued to dress that way as they aged, and now they are “old”, and we View their same styles as old rather than hip," they wrote.

A second said: "They don't actually look older we just associate traits that they have with being old (such as hairstyles and clothing)."

People thought the students look older than teenagers do today.

Another claimed it's all down to 'diet and social interaction', adding: "Foods today are pumped with so many chemicals/preservatives etc. These have an effect on the human body.

"Back then, people actually interacted with others OUTSIDE since they could walk and didn't just have a tablet/phone in their face 24/7."

This brings us onto the next detail pointed out online - how awkward the teens look having a camera shoved in their face.

You could say it's a sign of the times, as they grew up nearly two decades before the first iPhone came out.

"Wtf no smartphones?" said one, to which another replied: "No we had these things called conversation and books. I was 19 in ‘89 and it was just the best era."

Other commenters praised the pre-smartphone era.

A third added: "No internet, no cell phones, good music, cruising, neighbors interacting, affordable living. It was pretty great."

A fourth chimed in: "They look older, healthier, and have more self awareness. 99% of them don't even want to look at the camera.

"Phones and social have desensitized some many people I don't know if we will ever get back to this."

And then, of course, there were plenty of people comparing the students to the cast of Stranger Things - particularly our season four favourite Eddie Munson.

Whatever your thoughts on the video, there's no denying that it makes for an interesting watch. We can only imagine what people are going to say about the kids of today in 30 years time.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@asIiceofhistory

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