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Man Tests The Heat To See What He Can Cook In His Car

Man Tests The Heat To See What He Can Cook In His Car

Joe has tried cooking everything from noodles to steak

You might have heard people claiming they could fry an egg on various surfaces when the temperature starts hotting up, but one man has launched an experiment to find out what else he could cook up in the warm weather.

Despite the fact most people have access to a perfectly good kitchen in order to whip up a meal, for some reason when the sun comes out we start to wonder what other surfaces might be good for cooking.

The hood of a car? Your cheeks? The ground itself? Apparently anything goes when summer comes around, though I probably should stress that these definitely aren't the most hygienic places to prepare food.

Check out one TikToker's cooking experiment below:

Joe Brown, a video creator from Arizona, has been sharing videos of his unusual cooking techniques on TikTok and Instagram for months, captivating viewers as he finds out what happens when he places various items on baking trays behind the windscreen of his car.

A common food of choice for Joe is gummy sweets, and with the sun beating down his videos soon confirm that it's hot enough to melt the sweets into one big, gloopy mess.

As well as the sweets, Joe has also taken on savoury foods such as cheese, noodles, chicken nuggets and even burgers and hot dogs.

Summer temperatures in Arizona can range from around 32.2°C (90°F) to a whopping 48.9°C (120°F), and as it can get even hotter inside cars, it's no surprise that all of the food either successfully melts or cooks through.

Joe has recommended many of the items he cooked in his car.

Joe has ranged from both simple to fancy with his experiments, and on a couple of occasions has even managed to cook steak in his car.

After removing one slab of meat from his dashboard, Joe sliced it up and showed the camera that it had been cooked medium rare. According to Steak School, this suggests the meat reached a temperature of around 54ºC (130ºF).

Though Joe has successfully proved he can make a nice meal without racking up his energy bills, many TikTok users have questioned exactly how his car smells after being used to boil sweets, fry steaks and melt cheese.

Though it might have smelt quite nice after just one experiment, trying various foods one after the other probably hasn't left it with the best aroma.

Still, Joe continues to insist his experiments are worth it as he regularly rates his food 10 out of 10. Each to their own, I suppose.

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Featured Image Credit: @thejoebrown/TikTok

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