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Man Says He’s Going To Mario Kart Hell After Disgusting Move In Race

Man Says He’s Going To Mario Kart Hell After Disgusting Move In Race

Viewers were left divided after seeing the shocking stunt play out

A gamer has openly accepted he's going to 'Mario Kart hell' after performing a shocking and evil stunt during one of his races.

Anyone who's ever played Mario Kart will know that it's pretty much fair game to throw all manner of obstacles in your opponents' paths while making your way around the course; that's what the question mark boxes are there for, after all.

Red shells, blue flying explosives, banana skins - you name it, you have to avoid it, and much of the skill of the game comes from trying to dodge anything that could slow you down while simultaneously trying to trip up the competition, all while navigating the windy courses of the game.

When it comes to the finish line, though, it's usually just a straight sprint; a desperate holding of the 'A' button as you urge your player to make it across the line. Unless you're content creator and Mario gamer @BearUNLV, that is:

The YouTuber describes himself online as a 'Mario Kart Pro Racer, Champion, & Coach', but it's clear his success of the game hasn't come from playing nice.

In the clip shared on Twitter, the gamer showed himself racing around the course and flying towards the finish line before grabbing a bomb in the last second.

Just before he crossed the line, when he no longer would have been able to control his character, the player spun around on his virtual bike and threw the bomb directly into the face of the character behind him, causing them to blow up just inches away from the finish line.

Alongside the video on Twitter, the streamer wrote: "yeah 100% going to Mario Kart hell for this one."

The player admitted he was going to 'Mario Kart hell' after the stunt.

The video has received thousands of likes and retweets from impressed and shocked viewers, with some hailing the player as a hero for the move while others couldn't get over the idea of such a brutal kill.

"I think if this happened to me I would just quit video games for life. Not even kidding," one person wrote.

Another commented: "If someone did this to me you’d hear about it on the news."

Another outraged viewer simply responded: "THIS IS A CRIME".

While being killed just before the finish line would be painfully annoying, I have to admit the skill with which the player pulled it off is pretty impressive. It did nothing to change his position in the race, but it certainly put the player behind him in their place.

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Featured Image Credit: @BearUNLV/Twitter

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