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Man has incredible reaction to woman calling police over his ‘insanely loud car'

Man has incredible reaction to woman calling police over his ‘insanely loud car'

The reaction from the man was a little unexpected, but it was certainly pretty incredible

When a man was on the end of a tirade about the loudness of his car from an enraged woman, he had a very fitting response.

There are certainly some people in life that like to have a moan about anything and everything - and we certainly all know one.

And in a viral video from 2021, one man met that person, as a woman complained about the noise coming from his Lamborghini Aventador supercar. Watch it below:

The TikTok video, uploaded by, shows the driver being stopped by someone on the street.

The woman can be heard saying: "I have seen you around this neighbourhood too many times, this is ridiculous, your car is insanely loud."

Things quickly escalate when she begins shouting about the noise the car makes in the neighbourhood and she expresses her fears for the safety of children.

At this point, some may have sympathy for the woman, who clearly wants peace and quiet.

However, she then goes further and begins calling the police, but the driver doesn’t stick around and revs his engine loudly before driving off.

The woman threatened to call the police.

Before that, the woman insisted: "This is insane, you cannot be driving that car at all hours in this neighbourhood."

The video has sparked plenty of reactions online, with some noting that the kids in the neighbourhood probably enjoy seeing the Lamborghini, which sells for at least $421,321.

A commenter noted: "Bruh the kids don’t care about the noise they just want to keep it."

A second added: "Bro everybody like a Lambo‘s I bet every kid in the neighborhood will be going outside just to see it."

And a third said: "The children would probably love the car, it’s a car that literally everyone dreams of having."

Others have questioned whether this is a real situation, and have suggested the interaction was orchestrated.

Some questioned whether the video was all an act.

One user wrote, "Are ppl really faking Karen videos now for clout?"

A second person remarked: "This is so staged it’s not even funny."

Meanwhile, another person added: "They are becoming more obviously staged."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@extremeexotics

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