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Gym goer hits out at 'jealous' guy for trying to kick him off balance during set

Gym goer hits out at 'jealous' guy for trying to kick him off balance during set

The man called out a fellow gym goer for his conduct

A gym goer has hit out at a 'jealous' guy for trying to kick him off balance during his set.

The personal trainer and fitness aficionado has re-opened the debate regarding gym etiquette after slamming a trio of fellow gym goers for their behavior.

He has since called for all three men to be 'banned' from the gym. Have a look:

The fitness coach took to TikTok to share with his 35.4k followers a particularly heated interaction at the gym.

The man captioned the short clip: "People like this need to be banned from the gym. Tried to knock me off balance twice and still failed."

Footage shows the man doing an impressive 'planche' as he raised his entire body up off the ground and was suspended in the air horizontally using just his arms to hold him up.

The man keeps his pose for a few seconds before he turns his attention to the three men standing beside him on the gym floor.

He then immediately stops the planche and the quartet can all be seen having a discussion before the trio walk away from the scene.

"People like this need to be banned from the gym."

In the overlay text, the TikTok creator claimed that man in the middle of the three 'thought he was sly' as he allegedly tried to kick the him 'off balance'.

The nine-second clip has since gone viral after receiving over 2.1 million views and a whole avalanche of comments from people eager to respond to the gym goer's claims.

Many flocked to the fitness coach's support, with one TikTok user writing: "I don’t understand why people even get jealous over skill?? Like you can do this too... just need to train."

Another commented: "You could probably bench his deadlift so he is just insecure."

A third added: "Watching this makes me irrationally angry," while a fourth asked: "Why he so comfortable to do that smh."

Since posting the original video, the TikTok creator has uploaded a series of follow-ups videos addressing the matter even further, replying to a few comments calling the three men 'insecure'.

The viral clip has divided opinion online.

Others, however, were totally baffled by the outrage.

One TikTok user questioned: "Wait what did he genuinely do besides be in the background idk what happened?"

A second pointed out that the men were 'just standing there in the gym doing nothing'.

A final person penned: "Looks he was just being goofy/friendly. You can't seriously believe he was trying to knock you off balance with those little taps."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@snxwfit

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