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Man Finds 'Bigfoot' Tracks 'Measuring 17 Inches Long And One Foot Wide'

Man Finds 'Bigfoot' Tracks 'Measuring 17 Inches Long And One Foot Wide'

The hiker managed to take some photos to prove it

A hiker out in Pennsylvania reckons he found Bigfoot tracks while out in the woods – and he even took photos to prove it. 

Joseph Kenneth Savelli was out in an area of woodland he says he’s very familiar with, when he stumbled across what he believes to be whopping Bigfoot tracks, the largest of which was one-foot wide and 17-inches long. 

Facebook/Joseph Kenneth Savelli

Savelli shared snaps of the tracks onto the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) Facebook page, writing: "Been in this area hiking for three years and finding a lot of large and small footprints in the mud.

"Largest one I found was 17 inches long and about a foot wide. The one in the picture measured around 13 inches."

He shared a couple of photos of the tracks, which do appear to look pretty foot-shaped, to be fair. 

The enduring mystery of Bigfoot – or Sasquatch – has captured people’s imaginations for decades, with new sightings popping up on a regular basis. 

Facebook/Joseph Kenneth Savelli

Just last month, a TikTok user claimed to have caught footage – or Bigfootage, if you will – of the mysterious beast. 

In the footage, uploaded to TikTok account @cryptiduniversity, the men can be seen driving through a forest on a track with a branch across it.

A caption in the video reads: "Notice the tree trying to block the road? Top of the tree has been snapped?"

Then as they continue on they pass a figure all in black – that looks suspiciously like a bloke in a Bigfoot suit – running through the woods. 


Unsurprisingly, people didn't seem to be convinced by the footage, with many pointing out it all seemed to be quite conveniently shot.

One person commented: "So funny the camera was already pointing that way!"

Another said: "Notice how he was talking to his friend but didn't have the camera cantered on him until after they 'accidentally' filmed Bigfoot in centre frame."

A third added: "The camera just happens to turn that way. Yeah okay."

Another person commented to say they had, in fact, seen Bigfoot and was able to confirm this wasn’t it. 

They wrote: "I have seen Bigfoot and am a believer, but that looked like someone in a costume to me."

Still, I’m sure the truth is out there somewhere, eh?

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Joseph Kenneth Savelli

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