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Woman looking for ‘A-grade men’ reveals she uses LinkedIn as a dating app
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@candi.licious

Woman looking for ‘A-grade men’ reveals she uses LinkedIn as a dating app

She explained why the networking site was her dating app of choice

A woman has explained why she thinks that the actual dating app you ought to be getting on to find the one is LinkedIn.

If you're familiar with LinkedIn, then you might be scratching your head and wondering why on earth someone would think it was their preferred dating app considering what's normally on the site.

It's supposed to be a site for businesses and employees to connect, communicate and brag about the things they're doing.

Of course over time it's also been packed full of self-congratulatory posts from people who have a really weird idea of what an appropriate flex is.

Then there's the straight up cult-like business practices from some places which are pretty darn disturbing, so maybe people on LinkedIn finding a different use for it isn't so bad after all.

There have been couples who met on LinkedIn, so the site does have at least something in the way of a track record for being a place where you could find love.

However, one woman said it was a great dating app when she was looking for 'A-grade men' and took to TikTok to give her reasons why.

TikToker @candi.licious has been running through her experiences on 10 dating apps in 10 weeks and after giving Hinge, Bumble and Tinder a go week four saw her go a bit left field and try LinkedIn.

The TikToker explained that LinkedIn was actually pretty good as a dating site.

She said: "Why am I using LinkedIn as a dating app? The filters!

"Number one, I can filter for an education, MBA baby. Number two, I can filter by industry. I'm looking at doctor, lawyer, finance bro."

"Number three, I can filter by country, very important. Unfortunatley I'm unable to filter by height but at least there are very good looking photos that I can kind of do height analysis on."

There was quite a lot of interest in the idea of using LinkedIn as a dating site with some people saying from past experience that 'it works'.

Someone else said they checked out their Tinder date on LinkedIn and 'we are married now', so maybe this is something more people could try.ti

If you're an 'A-grade man' then make sure your LinkedIn profile is top notch.

Another person asked about the height requirements and apparently with this TikToker you must be '180cm/5'11'' and above or you ain't in the consideration set'.

Quite how you're supposed to calculate this on LinkedIn is anyone's guess but if you want to use it as a dating app it might be an idea to have pictures of yourself standing next to measurable objects.

Others pointed out that there might be a few problems with this approach as someone admitted to using a '30 year old photo' on their profile, though what dating app hasn't had people using old photos?

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