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Woman who claims to identify as a dog explains how instead of boyfriends she has 'handlers'

Woman who claims to identify as a dog explains how instead of boyfriends she has 'handlers'

US Twitch streamer Meow Dalyn claims to identify as a dog.

A woman who claims to identify as a dog has explained how she has 'handlers' instead of boyfriends.

Meow Dalyn left a pair of Australian hosts shocked after she revealed she identifies as the typical adorable pet.

The US Twitch streamer appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday (14 March) to discuss her unorthodox lifestyle.

She explained to hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson that she isn't a part of the Furry community, nor is she an adult creator.

Meow Dalyn identifies as a dog.

Instead, Meow is simply just a dog. A Dalmatian breed, to be specific.

“My name is Meow like a cat, but I am a dog,” she immediately declared to the hosts.

So, at this point I think we're all thinking why is the Twitch streamer named 'Meow' if she identities as a dog.

And podcast host Jackie ‘O’ had that the same train of thought, asking Meow: “Why did you call yourself Meow then?"

Meow explained: "It’s kind of like whenever you have a really small dog, like a Chihuahua and you name it Hercules."

While Meow answered that, Kyle was preparing his first test by activating a 'dog controller' device near the microphone.

Well, Meow appeared to flinch at the device, stating: "I don’t like that."

With her unorthodox lifestyle, you are probably wondering how this impacts Meow's relationships.

She told Kyle and Jackie 'O' how she doesn't have a boyfriend - but that doesn't mean she's all by herself.

Instead, Meow refers to her partner/s as 'handlers' - a name you'd often give to dog sitters.

Meow said the handlers feed her and take her on walks.

"We practice training, which is one of my favourite things because I get treats," she added.

The toilet question was next up - and yep, Meow admitted to going to the toilet in the backyard on occasions.

But if the weather is not so kind, she uses the 'human toilet'.

Kyle also asked the question around sex, with Meow simply barking in response.

That told him.

Meow even barked during the interview.

The interview clip has since been posted on the podcast's social media channels, with a lot of folks having their say.

"That's enough internet for me," one person declared.

"Does she go to the vet when she’s sick? Bl**dy ridiculous," a second person asked.

While a third remarked: "There was a time when this type of behavior would be considered psychotic and she’d be put in to a medical facility."

Though Meow insists she is super serious about identifying as a dog.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@meowdalyn

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