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Woman who died for nearly half an hour wrote eerie message when she ‘returned to life’
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@madiejohnson

Woman who died for nearly half an hour wrote eerie message when she ‘returned to life’

The woman had a heart attack before eventually being brought back to life

A woman who died for nearly half an hour wrote an eerie message as soon as she ‘returned to life’.

In 2018, Tina Hines suffered a massive heart attack while on a hike with her husband.

The Arizona woman’s husband, Brian, managed to bring her ‘back to life four times’ along with first responders who arrived on the scene before she even got to the hospital.

She was subsequently placed on a defibrillator, and when she woke up, Tina immediately asked for pen, needing to write something important down.

Putting pen to paper after ‘coming back to life’, Tina managed to scribble out a message which appeared to read ‘it’s real’.

Tina wrote a chilling message after dying for almost 30 minutes.

When asked what she meant, the woman pointed up towards heaven.

Since she was brought back to life, Tina has gone about trying to tell as many people as possible about her near-death experience.

Now, she’s a Christian motivational speaker and has a book literally called 'Heaven… It’s Real: How Dying Changes Living'.

Plenty of other people also believe they’ve seen the afterlife for themselves when they've come close to knocking on heaven's door and getting the induction tour from St Peter.

One person commented that hearing someone's account of heaven being real had 'given me so much comfort', while another said it sounded like an 'amazing experience'.

Lots of others asked for more specific details, as plenty of others who've had near-death experiences have been pretty clear about what they did and saw.

After she was brought back to life Tina wrote 'it's real'.

The scientific reason for people having such vivid near-death experiences is that when someone is dying, there's a surge of activity in the brain, which researchers think could trigger a higher level of consciousness.

That would go some way to explaining why people have out-of-body experiences, or believe they are meeting long-gone friends and family members, or even meeting Jesus Christ himself.

Many people who have a near-death experience have said they can see their own body being tended to, or that they see a tunnel with light at the end of it.

Tina isn't the only one to have written a book telling everyone what they saw when they were dead, though whether heaven really is real or it's just the brain doing something it needs to do in what could be its final moments is up for debate.

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