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Woman uses backyard to pay her mortgage after turning it into Greece
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@villa_blanco

Woman uses backyard to pay her mortgage after turning it into Greece

Villa Blanco's backyard has been turned into a Greek paradise, available to the public to rent out.

In many people's opinion, Greece is not just one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, but the entire world.

So you can understand why people would want their home to resemble it, but how one particular Greece lover has paid homage is actually quite incredible.

In fact, the owner of the Villa Blanco in Los Angeles has managed to use her recreation of Greece to pay her mortgage.

Of course, Los Angeles is quite a beautiful place that benefits from warm weather more or less all year round.

However, if you are fascinated with that Greek architecture then you'll have a mammoth 15 hour+ flight to get there.

But now, thanks to one woman's side hustle, you'll somewhat be able to experience that Greek life, as she has transformed her backyard to look like a Greek taverna.

And once the outside space was completed earlier this year, the owner of Villa Blanco began renting it out for photo shoots, video shoots and to anyone else that wanted to hire it for a particular duration.

It seems the side hustle has been extremely popular so far, with it now providing a 'second source of income' for the owners.

The side hustle has been praised.

So how did their drab, grassy backyard manage to turn into a space that certainly wouldn't look out of place on a postcard.

After initially looking for some inspiration, the owner of Villa Blanco eventually settled on the Greece theme.

The previous barren space is now filled with grey pebbles, alongside lush plants and cacti to create that European feel.

As documented on the Villa Blanco TikTok (@villa_blanco), various pathways now look like they are made of sand, while sun beds and other summer furniture really make you feel you are on a beach in Corfu.

The new space also boasts an extensive patio area, with shaded white curtains and matching furniture.

Thankfully for the owners, 'the perfect summer outdoor location' has attracted a lot of attention - in turn racking in the cash.

On the Villa Blanco's TikTok, an on-screen caption read: "I designed Greece in my backyard.

The space can be hired out for photo shoots.

"And now people come and rent out my backyard.

"This is now my second source of income."

Meanwhile, a caption for the video read: "Made my backyard my second source of income and now my house pays for itself."

The video of the finished product has been viewed close to three million times on TikTok, with many rather impressed by the money-making idea.

"Insanely smart idea," one person wrote.

While a second added: " genius."

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