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Woman sparks debate after writing ‘missed RSVP’ messages to send wedding guests who fail to respond

Woman sparks debate after writing ‘missed RSVP’ messages to send wedding guests who fail to respond

The woman insisted there is a need for the message even in spite of the backlash

A woman found herself hit with criticism after creating 'sorry you can't make it' cards for people who miss the RSVP deadline on wedding invitations.

You don't need to have planned a wedding to know that it's a stressful process, with almost every element having knock-on effects for the rest of the plans.

Knowing how many guests you're going to have is a very important part of the planning, which is why most couples ask guests to RSVP - but unfortunately, people don't always respond.

After previously having to call many of her 550 guests to see if they could make it to her wedding, Nishma Mistry, who runs the Asian Bride Sorority community, decided to come up with a solution.

She explained: "I see the frustration of not getting RSVPs back. I thought let me draft something."

In a video shared on TikTok, Mistry shared a draft of her 'sorry you can't make it' card, with the idea that it would clear up any confusion as to whether guests were coming or not.

Nishma Mistry created the note as a guide for other brides.

It read: "We're sorry you can't make it to our wedding. Our RSVP deadline has passed and unfortunately you did not respond.

"We would have loved to have you attend but final numbers have now been turned in and your presence will be missed. Bride and groom."

Though she intended the note to be helpful to people planning weddings, Mistry was hit with backlash from people who described the note as 'tacky' and 'harsh'.

In a follow-up video shared on TikTok, Mistry said: "Some people are saying it's passive aggressive, some people are saying it's just plain rude."

However, other people were completely on board with Mistry's idea, with one saying they 'wished' they'd sent out a similar note.

"I absolutely love it," one person responded. "The people [who] have a problem with it are the people that would not RSVP."

Nishma's note sparked mixed responses online.

While Mistry made clear that everyone's opinions are valid, she pointed out that it's not always as simple as calling up guests who haven't RSVP'd to get an answer.

"In South Asian culture there are often 500 people and several events," she said. "I had 550 guests. The wedding ceremony was one day.

"The reception was one day. We had a pre-wedding event with 200 people and a civil wedding. I had to call everyone and ask 'are you coming?'. It was such a waste of time."

Though Mistry admitted the wording of her note may need perfecting, she stood by it as a concept.

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