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Walmart worker slams last-minute shoppers who come in 30 minutes before close
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@.ray_mtz03

Walmart worker slams last-minute shoppers who come in 30 minutes before close

The retail worker sounded off in a TikTok video

There's no feeling quite like counting down the hours on your shift, is there?

That sense of relief of when you realise you have only thirty minutes left stacking shelves.

But then you get the worst of all things - a last minute shopper.

So now your whole routine is thrown out of whack.

No longer can you bet on getting on right on the dot.

One Walmart employee took to social media to document his frustrations with customers who rock up to the store just before closing time.

Ray - username @.ray.mtz03 - called out these late night shoppers in a TikTok video.

He said: "One thing that I don’t get is why y’all like waiting till the last minute to shop. Bro, it’s [10:28] we’re about to close at 11 and y’all love coming at this time and y’all are gonna take forever to shop like why, why do y’all do that? Y’all had the whole day.

"Now, it’s time for y’all to go to sleep and catch some z’s. Go to sleep, bro."

This Walmart worker let loose with his thoughts on late night shoppers.

The comment section was flooded with other service industry employees who shared his sentiment.

Another Walmart employee remarked in the comments section that they too were fed up with shoppers who arrive shortly before closing time.

"Second !!! and omg they be getting BASKETS full," they said.

A fellow retail employee noted that late-night, nick-of-time shoppers have strange purchasing habits.

"And it’s always the most random stuff," the user wrote.

One TikToker, who said they were a Walmart employee, said that they took closing time very seriously.

"Me as a front end team lead closing, making my announcement everyone knew I wasn’t playing on closing," they shared.

"Last week I kid u not someone literally bought a 75in TV 5 mins before closing like dude," another person ranted.

The Walmart employee vented about last minute shoppers.

One TikTok user said: "This kind of consumer behavior wasn’t just found in the retail industry, but in food service as well.

"This but with restaurants. Why y’all waiting till 10 minutes to close to wanna eat dinner like pls cook at home atp [at that point]."

Many commenters revealed that customers staying past closing time had kept on the clock for an extra 30 minutes.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, these aberrations can lead to higher levels of burn-out, stress and home life strife.

So bear that in mind next time you decide to dash into a supermarket two minutes before the shutters come down.

Shop considerately, people.

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