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Walmart shopper splits opinion after she demands cashier bags her groceries
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kingkongzoe

Walmart shopper splits opinion after she demands cashier bags her groceries

One Walmart shopper has divided the internet after demanding a cashier to bag her groceries

One Walmart shopper has completely split opinion after she demanded a cashier to bag her groceries for her.

The woman captured the entire interaction on film and let's just say the footage has sent the internet into an absolute spiral after re-opening the debate over customer service versus customer etiquette.

While some are of the belief the 'ridiculous' customer was in the wrong - others are hell-bent on the fact the employee failed to do her job 'correctly'. See for yourself:

The shopper in question has gone viral over the heated Walmart encounter in which she repeatedly asked the store cashier to bag her groceries.

Items included eggs, a bottle of dish soap, barbecue sauce, boxes of cereal and packets of noodles.

The cashier bagged some of her groceries, but then turned back to the register to which the shopper demanded: "The stuff that you put down here needs to be in bags."

The cashier then proceeded to bag up the remaining items including a box of cereal at which point the shopper then accused the cashier of damaging the item, claiming: "You just damaged my cereal. I don’t even want it."

Abiding by the shopper's request, the cashier took the box of cereal off the woman's total.

The shopper then asked the cashier: "You don’t want to be here today? Because that is not customer service, the way you’re acting."

Toward the end of the clip, the shopper then asked the shopper to bag the carton of eggs before warning her not to break them.

The shopper claimed Walmart has 'the worst customer service'.

The shopper captioned the TikTok: "Walmart has the worst customer service."

It has since clocked up over 1.5 million views in just five days since it was first posted to the platform.

Some were of the opinion the cashier was the one in the wrong, with one TikTok user claiming: "First off everyone it’s the cashiers job to bag the items. That’s what she is getting paid for!!! If she hates her job so much go find another!!"

"Ngl I was mad with the cashier," hit out a second.

A third chimed in: "This is on the employee for not doing her job correctly."

Another part of the internet seemed to totally disagree and slammed the customer for her behavior.

One stated: "That customer was ridiculous."

"I would have broke every egg and told you to go to self checkout," wrote a second.

People have mixed opinions on the awkward encounter.

A third echoed: "Cashier's customer service was great, customers attitude was the issue. I would have broken all 12 eggs."

Now that would make for an entertaining video.

Others, however, opted for a more balanced approach concerning the whole ordeal.

One TikTok user commented: "The cashier did have an attitude but the customer kinda didn’t help the situation. Kindness goes a long way, two wrongs don’t make a right."

"Maybe she is just having a bad day we all get them," pointed out another.

A final TikTok user added: "It seems like she was giving you the same energy you gave her."

Where do you stand?

UNILAD has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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