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Man who was brain dead for three days and came back to life reveals what he saw on 'the other side'
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Man who was brain dead for three days and came back to life reveals what he saw on 'the other side'

Vincent Tolman reveals what he was on 'the other side' after his near-death experience in 2002

A man who was declared brain dead for three days and came back to life has revealed what he saw on 'the other side'.

We've heard many stories from those who 'died' and come back to life, including a man who 'died' for 20 minutes revealing what he saw.

Now, Vincent Tolman has told his experience after he was thought to be dead after being found in the bathroom of a Dairy Queen in Utah back in 2002.

Speaking to Insider, the Texas man said: "I died on the bathroom floor of a Utah Dairy Cream on a cold night in January 2002.

"My friend and I had taken a dodgy supplement we had bought online, but the moment we consumed it, we knew something was wrong. We rushed to the closest restaurant in the hopes that some food would make us feel better.

"Instead, I started to feel extremely nauseous, so I locked myself into a bathroom cubicle. Suddenly, an ice-cold chill came over my body, rushing over my thighs and into my chest. Then the world began to spin."

Vincent Tolman was declared brain dead in 2002.
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Tolman went on to explain he subsequently collapsed, before adding: "I was looking down at myself from above. The world felt like it had no ceiling, and I watched, calmly, as paramedics rushed into the bathroom and worked over the body.

"I describe it as 'the body' because I didn't recognize myself at first. The person I saw didn't look like me: his face was bright purple and had specks of yellow in it. It looked like a fake dead body.

"I watched as emergency services tried to resuscitate the man, but shortly after, they stopped and gave up. They zipped him up in a bright yellow body bag and carried him into the back of an ambulance."

Then 45 minutes into the journey, Tolman says a medic decided to feel for a pulse one more time.

"After several minutes of checking, and re-checking, the medic later said he felt a faint pulse on my leg," Tolman continued.

"He jumped into action and started feeding oxygen into the lungs and hooking up a defibrillator.

"There were no results after the first shock wave. But after the second round, he got one heartbeat, and after the third round, he got a steady heartbeat. It was faint, but it was steady and it was enough that it was sustaining life."

At this point, Tolman claims he didn't know the body was his, that was until he felt someone strapping his left arm in after arriving at hospital.

The man followed his 'body'.
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Following that, Tolman spent three days in a coma and was officially declared brain dead by doctors.

Those three days were certainly eventful though, as the US man explained: "In those three days, I believe I traveled to 'the other side'. I was met with feelings of love and saw divine beauty, all of which I describe in my book.

"But I knew, deep down inside that it was not my time yet. So three days later, I opened my eyes in the hospital. Physically, I was completely fine. I was even described as a 'miracle' by my neurologist."

Due to this experience, Tolman says he is no longer 'afraid of death.

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