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Man who ‘died’ for 20 minutes reveals what he saw and how it changed his life forever
Featured Image Credit: Prioritize Your Life/YouTube

Man who ‘died’ for 20 minutes reveals what he saw and how it changed his life forever

Scott Drummond, now in his sixties, 'died' for 20 minutes when he was 28

A man who died for 20 minutes once told his remarkable experience, and we’re not sure Aldous Huxley himself could have conjured up something quite so trippy.

Scott Drummond, now in his late sixties, was just 28 when he dislocated his thumb in a skiing accident and to undergo a routine operation to fix the injury.

But one of the nurses in the operating room botched Drummond’s surgical tourniquet, and he recalled her screaming ‘I killed him!’ as she ran from the room.

Speaking to Prioritise Your Life, Drummond said that the next thing he remembered was a sensation in his arm, and all of a sudden he was floating above his body looking down at the operating table.

“I watched every stitch that was put into my thumb,” he shared.

A man who died for 20 minutes has told his unbelievable experience.
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Drummond also recalled feeling a presence next to him. Looking back, Drummond’s convinced that the person there with him was god.

The faceless being then transported Drummond to a field full of magnificent flowers.

He explained: “And I remember so vividly, I could never look back, or I was instructed never to look back again, and the next thing I knew, and it was like a twinkling of an eye, I was standing in a field where the person who was with me was right next to me, but I couldn't see them.”

Drummond went on: "I looked over to the left and there was some great big tall trees, and I remember they were the most unusual looking trees, they had a long trunk with leaves up on top, and there were lots of them.

"Then to the right of that, which would be still to the left of me, was wildflowers, beautiful wildflowers, and they were up about to my waist.

"And I just remember looking and seeing how beautiful the flowers were, because something that I really enjoy is yard work and gardening and I just remembered the vivid colours were magnificent.

"The next thing I knew the person that had escorted me there was not there any more and I was by myself, but it was so peaceful."

Once Drummond reached the cloud, an arm reached through it and told him: “It is not yet your time. You have more things yet to do.”

As the arm withdrew back into the cloud, Drummond was pulled back into his own body lying on an operating table.

From then on, Drummond said he ‘knew he had to do better with his life’

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