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Woman claims she was hired for job despite being unqualified because she applied ‘like a man’
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/kathleen..elizabeth

Woman claims she was hired for job despite being unqualified because she applied ‘like a man’

She explained exactly why she got the job offer

We all know the trials and tribulations when it comes to the dreaded process of job applications.

From four-stage interview processes to an endless demand for hyper-personalized cover letters - applying for jobs nowadays is so much more than a simple CV check and quick interview chat.

However, one woman has claimed she's found some sort of application hack after she was hired for a job despite being unqualified for it because she applied ‘like a man’. Have a look:

Katie Griffin took to TikTok to share with her thousands of followers her latest experience when applying for a new role.

She began: "I just got hired for a job that I am not qualified for."

The woman also explained that the hiring managers told her during the interview that this was the case.

Katie went on: "They said, 'We need this on your resume, and it's not. But we wanted to give you an interview because of the vibe of your resume'."

Interestingly enough, Katie 'got that job' and told her following her new employers are 'going to train' her.

"So if you're not qualified for something, apply anyways, moral of the story," she finished up before jokingly concluding: "Here's to applying to jobs like a man!"

Katie captioned the short clip: "Here's to having the audacity."

TikToker Katie Griffin explained how she got a job she was not qualified for.

The video has since gone viral after clocking up more than 1.8 million views since it was first posted on the social media platform with over 256.9k likes and hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the clip.

Many people who also had similar experiences to Katie shared their career anecdotes.

One TikTok user penned: "This is how i ended up in HR with an art degree."

"This is true," confirmed a second. "Sometimes we hired people just from the vibe and how potentially they gonna fit with our culture. Skill can be trained and developed."

A third chimed in: "When I hire people sometimes it’s like that. If you are teachable and just have good energy it can work."

"I applied for a job I have no experience with but I got hired," echoed a fourth. "They told me they are willing to train me and that character > skills to them."

Another success story individual quipped: "Got hired at my dream job with my now boss saying 'you don't qualify but your phone interview was perfect'.

"They paid to train me and now I'm their #1!"

A final TikTok user added: "The 'requirements' are a wish list."

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