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Picture of little girl ‘sinking into the ground’ is leaving people baffled
Featured Image Credit: Reddit / MK24ever / Getty Stock Image

Picture of little girl ‘sinking into the ground’ is leaving people baffled

Half of the girl's body disappeared in the photo...

A photo of a little girl who seems to be sinking into the ground has left Redditors befuddled.

In what can only been described as glitch in the matrix, the photograph shows the lower half of the youngster's body seemingly swallowed up by a driveway.

Her father shared the snap of Reddit to see if others spotted what was actually happening in the photo.

He wrote: "My daughter, where's the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you?"

Shared three years ago, the post has since generated over 1,000 comments.

"This one’s genuinely baffling even when you zoom in," wrote one confused individual.

"I've stared at this for minutes now and I'm sure she's half buried, hope you rescued her easily," said a second.

The picture of the young girl left Redditor's minds 'scrambled'.

Another person quipped: "You took 'grounding your kids' to a whole other level."

"Another teleporter malfunction! When will Starfleet learn? Those things are dangerous," said different Reddit joker.

Others managed to work out what was actually going on - but they admitted that it took them 'a while' to piece it together.

One person explained on the thread: "Part of the reason it's so good is that the title implies that there's a 'rest of her' to be seen, so we're not expecting half of her body to be completely concealed, we're expecting her to blend in."

It turns out that the lower part of the girl's body is actually behind a wall, and the structure of the wall just so happens to blend perfectly with the driveway she's walking on.

Further explaining the undeniably confusing photo, the girl's dad wrote: "Grass pavement is at the wall eight, then the road where my daughter is standing is around 1 mt lower than the grass pavement, where she's resting her arm."

As the photo is so darn befuddling, people have since hailed it as the 'single greatest confusing perspective I’ve seen so far'.

"Even after the answer was given to me my mind was scrambled. You literally have to create a line on the edge of the wall to differentiate from the footpath," they went on.

"Good stuff! I had to read the comments to figure it out," admitted another.

A third continued: "God my head was going to explode trying to work this out! This is definitely a good one! Confused indeed!"

Did you manage to work it out without reading the comments?

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