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Real-life exorcist explains the different types of entities that can attach to you
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Rhstavis

Real-life exorcist explains the different types of entities that can attach to you

Rachel Stavis learned about the different types of entities through her work as an exorcist

A real-life exorcist has explained the different types of entities that exist in the world - and we're not talking about Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Rachel Stavis, who lives in LA, has been able to see entities since she was a child.

Different to Sixth Sense 'I see dead people' kind of visions, entities are a whole different kind of energy; more sinister than regular people who are simply no longer alive.

Stavis has worked with stars including musicians and actors to exorcise entities, and through her work she's come to believe there are a number of different types that can mess with lives.

She describes the different types of entities in her book, Sister of Darkness, and spoke more about each one in an interview on the podcast Morbid.

Rachel Stavis spoke about 5 types of entities.


I know, Clive doesn't sound like a demon straight from hell - and that's because it's not. Stavis said Clives are the entities with the least malevolence and intelligence, and the ones that people pick up 'quite often'.

In fact, Stavis believes as much as 85 percent of the population is 'walking around with a Clive', but they don't realize because the entities 'don't want you to know they exist'.

They do impact lives, though, as Stavis claimed they 'amplify feelings', for example making someone feel 'rage' when they otherwise might only have felt 'anger'.

Thankfully, Clives are apparently relatively easy entities to get rid of if the host goes through a period of positivity, prompting the Clive to drop off.

Rachel Stavis has worked with stars to remove entities.


These kind of attachments are more noticeable, according to Stavis, and can attach in three different ways.

Either you're an empath in a home with a wraith already in it; they attach after a traumatic or abusive experience; or they come through lineage, passing down from a previous person who has experienced a wraith.

Once attached, wraiths might manifest in the form of sleep paralysis or night terrors.


If you had scary 'imaginary' presence in your life as a kid that you've found stuck around as you grew up, you might just have a Trickster on your hands.

Stavis described these as a 'little more malevolent' because they can present as something the host would want to see.

To Stavis, however, they look like 'very tall, very dark figures'.

These entities typically attach in childhood, and have a negative impact on your life even while presenting as something less menacing.

Tricksters can present as something more comforting.


Instead of attaching to people, collectors instead appear in spaces of 'mass trauma'.

These entities 'keep deceased people in the space', and use the deceased people to 'scare [living] people into giving them energy'.

"Super haunted places, you can guarantee there's a collector behind that," Stavis claimed.

To help get rid of a Collector, exorcists have to remove the deceased people first, to prevent the entity from feeding off the resulting energy.

Rachel has also shared advice on 'how not to get possessed'.


These entities, according to Stavis, are the 'worst of the worst'.

Often mistaken by people for the devil himself, they can attach to both people and spaces, making them 'more malevolent', 'more intelligent' and more capable of causing havoc.

"They can influence people from miles and miles and miles away, and in masses," Stavis claimed.

Realm-walkers feed off people in high-traffic places, with Stavis using the notoriously eerie Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles as an example.

When people are possessed by realm-walkers, it can result in a more 'movie-style' possession - but thankfully, realm-walkers are apparently 'pretty rare'.

According to the exorcist, these types of entities will only possess 'future world changers', rather than the average Joe.

Hopefully you won't ever find yourself in the company of any of these entities, but on the off chance you do just keep your fingers crossed that it's a Clive, and not a realm-walker.

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