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OnlyFans star who made her old yearly salary in just two days reveals the wildest requests she’s received
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/wilderness.isla

OnlyFans star who made her old yearly salary in just two days reveals the wildest requests she’s received

Isla Moon has had some interesting requests during her time on OnlyFans

A hugely successful OnlyFans star has given some insight into some of the quirky requests she's received from her subscribers.

Isla Moon was once a lab coordinator and research assistant studying psychology and neuroscience but, after bringing in just $11-$12,000 a year in her part-time role, she decided to create an OnlyFans account to add to her income.

But, little did Isla know that she'd eventually go on to be in the top 0.01 percent of creators on OnlyFans and raked in a whopping $5 million last year.

Isla began to gain a lot of traction online when a TikTok of hers when viral in May 2021.

Then, in the span of just two days, she made her yearly lab wage.

Isla then decided to take the plunge and ditched her PhD plans in favor for OnlyFans, and it's safe to say the risk has paid off for the Canadian.

But that's not to say that the job doesn't come with its difficulties - odd requests from fans included.

OnlyFans creators like Isla often get quirky queries from subscribers, with Twitch streamer Amouranth once being asked to pretend to 'inflate herself like a balloon'.

Elsewhere, someone asked her to 'mutilate' their testicles with her stilettos. Ouch.

Isla Moon ditched her lab job and PhD prospects to become an OnlyFans creator.

When asked by UNILAD about some of the most unusual requests she's received, Isla shared: "There was one guy who was asking for bug stomping. Basically he wanted me to get some big bugs and stomp on them.

"I'm not kink shaming, but it's just not my thing so I had to deny the request."

"He wanted a video of just, like, stepping on bugs and the crunching," she further explained.

Another request that came to mind for Isla was when she was asked to eat a stack of pancakes and film herself.

"There's another one where I also didn't say yes to because I didn't feel like it," she shared.

"I was asked to eat a pile of pancakes and record myself eating and like showing my stomach swelling."

"I don't like being bloated," Isla added - and you can't really blame her.

Isla has had some unusual requests over the course of her OnlyFans career.

While Isla once did custom requests for her fans, she's since had to stop them.

She said: "There's so many requests that I find interesting, but I just had to stop. Some of them are too much."

While creators like Amouranth have started dabbling in AI for requests that she doesn't want to do or can't do for fans, Isla said she's not quite ready to delve into that realm yet.

Noting that AI is 'booming' at the moment, Isla admitted that it currently 'scares [her] too much'.

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