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Crying 5-year-old rings random doorbell for help after school bus made wrong stop in 105-degree heat

Crying 5-year-old rings random doorbell for help after school bus made wrong stop in 105-degree heat

TikToker mum Kelly Mullholland suffered her 'worst nightmare' after the school bus made the wrong stop.

A crying five-year-old school boy was forced to ring a stranger's doorbell after his school bus let him off at the wrong stop in 105-degree heat.

Mom Kelly Mullholland, from Oklahoma, took to TikTok to share the heartbreaking footage of her son struggling to find his way home from school.

In the uncomfortable clip, the young lad could be seen getting upset as he pressed the Ring video doorbell and asked: "Could you help my find my mommy?"

Kelly shared the footage of the incident to her account, alongside herself where she explained exactly what happened on the bus.

Kelly said she'd experienced her 'literal worst nightmare' when she went to pick her young son up off the bus and realised he wasn't there.

The mom claimed her son had been riding on the school bus with her boyfriend's daughter, who is also five-years-old.

However, neither of them got off the bus when it arrived at their destined stop one hour late.

Kelly admitted that she could have forgiven the bus being late as 'sh*t happens', but what she couldn't forgive is the fact her child was nowhere to be seen at the stop.

The young boy was very distressed.

Understandably, Kelly recalled going in to 'full panic mode' when the bus driver wasn't able to tell her where the two children had got off.

The mum claimed she had to rely on older students on the bus, who told her the children had got off at the previous stop.

Kelly said the bus driver hadn't 'followed procedure' and had failed to check tags attached to the children's backpacks which lets the driver know what stop the child is supposed to get off at.

While on a frantic phone call with her boyfriend explaining the situation, a car pulled up and a man inside told the worried mom that two children had been ringing his video doorbell and trying to talk to him.

Kelly rushed over to the man's house, but the children were nowhere to be seen once she arrived.

Kelly Mullholland described the incident as her 'worst nightmare'.

The man - alongside other neighbours - got together to try and find the school kids, and eventually found them a few houses down from where they rang the doorbell.

The family have since reported the situation to the Department of Transportation, and Kelly said that while she was told 'actions were going to be taken' against the driver involved, but she's unsure if he is still in a job.

The bus is operated separately from the school, with Kelly not placing any blame on the school for the incident.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kellymulholland95

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