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Man with one-inch penis opens up about life with a micropenis

Man with one-inch penis opens up about life with a micropenis

Ant Smith revealed that he has been ridiculed over his small penis, but is now encouraging people to be happy with their endowment

A man who was born with a micro-penis has opened up about how this has affected his life.

Poet Ant Smith revealed that he has suffered from low self esteem as well as abuse because of his small penis.

But Ant said he has since learned to accept it.

In an appearance on UK breakfast show This Morning, Ant told how his penis is one-inch in size, and four inches long when erect

This means that it is classed as 'micro' as the UK average is around 5.6 inches.

During his appearance, the programme provided two cardboard cutouts, which had illustrative parts to show just how small things are down there.

Opening up, Ant said he doesn't think that he doesn't like using the term 'micro penis'.

He said: "If you say that small is less than average, that is half of all men. I think men certainly exaggerate about the size of their penises, rounding up.

Ant Smith opened up about his struggles.

"I wouldn’t use the term ‘micro penis’ myself. It’s a very specific medical term and I don’t think its particularly helpful.

"It is really a means of labelling people. It is an attempt to categorise people when we are all different."

Describing his experiences, he said: “Growing up it was a considerable embarrassment to me. At about 3.5in it wasn’t so small but seemed so much smaller than everyone else’s.

“I was teased at school and it made me so self-conscious I didn’t have sex until I was 21. I would get embarrassed if the condom slipped off as my penis was too small to keep it on.


“Somehow the size of your penis has become linked to how much of a “man” you are, which is nonsense. My wife assured me my size made no difference."

Ant went on to say that despite some early problems, he doesn't have issues anymore.

He said: “I use a lot more than that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife.

“She has always been quite proud of the things I write and publish about the issue, as I am just trying to make the world a bit better.”

The poet also decided to spread awareness of the stigma surrounding having a small penis.

He said: “I spent years and years thinking I was the only one with this problem and by keeping quiet I wasn’t letting anyone else with the same problem realise you are never really alone."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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