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Mom of identical twins with OnlyFans found out about secret account after family member leaked photos
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@maddisontwinsx

Mom of identical twins with OnlyFans found out about secret account after family member leaked photos

The twins started their account in a bid to make money together

A set of identical twins who have made millions of dollars on OnlyFans have revealed the unfortunate way their mom found out about their secret account.

Every kid has a secret they're hiding from their parents, but sooner or later, they pretty much always get found out.

It might be through a jealous sibling or an accidental slip-up, but less often is it through a leaked photo.

This is exactly how the mom of 20-year-old Australian twins April and Amelia Maddison found out their secret: that they had a joint OnlyFans account where they share adult content.

The twins, who are identical apart from one beauty spot April has on her upper lip, were keen to make money from a young age, and couldn't wait until they turned 18 so they could start stripping together at a local gentlemen's club.

Before long, however, the twins realized they could make good money online, where they could also control their hours and exactly the kind of content they wanted to produce.

Since they already wear the same clothes, have the same friends and play tennis as a doubles team, they decided to share one more thing and set up an OnlyFans account.

April and Amelia have made millions on their account.

In less than two years the pair have made an incredible $6 million AUD ($3.9m) and their success has even left them surprised.

April explained: “We had initially started to make content to promote our stripping identity, but then decided to start an OnlyFans account. We could never have guessed how successful it was going to be."

In spite of their success, April and Amelia decided to keep news of their account to themselves and live a 'double life'.

They managed to keep the secret for a few months, but they were busted when a male relative obtained a copy of leaked photos from the platform and showed it to their mom.

Though it's probably not how the twins were hoping to break the news of their money-making opportunity, Amelia revealed that their mom actually took it pretty well.

Amelia and April's mom found out through a relative.

She recalled: “Mum was obviously nervous, but we reassured her that we were making enough money to be comfortable and that we were safe, which is the most important thing."

Amelia went on to acknowledge that 'the whole concept can be weird to some people', noting even their friends were 'very shocked' when they came across photos of the pair.

However, she added: "They know what we are like so they got over it pretty quickly.”

While a lot of people find work to be a stressful environment, April and Amelia have struck a good balance in working together.

“We will sometimes fight about what angle we should take or which clothes we should wear, simple stuff like that, but we actually have pretty much the same brain," they said.

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