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People shocked by DoorDash driver's response after customer calls them out for delivering to wrong address

People shocked by DoorDash driver's response after customer calls them out for delivering to wrong address

A DoorDash driver has been accused of 'gaslighting' a customer after delivering their food to the wrong address

There's nothing worse than when a delivery driver messes up your food order, and this person had a brutal (and kind of hilarious) response to their f**k up.

A TikToker named Hannah, who goes by the handle of @hannahhollyla on the video sharing platform, shared her recent experience online when her DoorDash driver, named Priti as per Hannah's screengrabs, delivered her food to the wrong address.

Not only is that annoying in itself, but Priti then told Hannah that it was down to her to go find the house they delivered the food to rather than go retrieve it for her.

Hannah shared screenshots of her conversation with the driver who told her to 'walk to grab it' after initially telling her that they'd delivered it to her next door neighbor.

They then admitted it was actually the next neighborhood and insisted that 'it's not a big deal' and that 'mistakes happen'.

Hannah proceeded to say that they'd taken it to the wrong house despite what the driver's GPS had told them.

"I'm sorry but I swear I didn't steal the food," they told Hannah who wasn't best pleased that she had 'spent a ton of money' on food she didn't get.

"I've left it with the address you told me," they further protested. "I really don't know why this happened to you. I wish I can help."

Initially the driver said they'd delivered it next door.

Hannah said that she understood that they didn't steal her food, but still noted that they had delivered it to the wrong place.

It's then when the driver gave a response that's divided people online; but most found it highly entertaining.

The delivery person said: "Life isn't 100%. Some days aren't for you. It's part of life."

They ended the message apologizing again.

While she was left without her food, luckily Hannah couldn't help but laugh at their response.

"Can’t even be mad he was so funny," she wrote to someone who commented on the video.

Elsewhere, another person said: "No cause I’m legit gonna do this if I miss a deadline at work. 'Life isn’t 100%. It’s part of life sorry'."

"I’m wheezing this is so damn funny," wrote another, as a third went on: "I'm crying, this is too good."

Priti proceeded to tell Hannah that 'life isn't 100%'.

Another TikToker laughed: "'I really don’t know why this happened to you' is the funniest response of all time."

But others were angry for Hannah as they expressed their hopes that she got her money back.

Someone penned: "Pls tell me u got ur money back."

Meanwhile, another person - a DoorDash driver themselves - said Hannah's driver 'should've been more considerate'.

"Nah this is wild, i’d be so p*ssed," added someone else, while another social media user acussed the driver of gaslighting Hannah.

UNILAD has contacted DoorDash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahhollyla

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