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The reason why you shouldn't smile in custody mug shot

The reason why you shouldn't smile in custody mug shot

The way you look in your mug shot could have long lasting impacts

If you're lucky - or just law abiding - you won't ever know what it's like to have your mug shot taken. But if you do find yourself in front of the camera, you should avoid smiling at all costs.

Chances are you won't feel much like shooting a big cheesy grin to the camera if you've just been arrested anyway, but you never know.

Maybe you've been arrested for something particularly hilarious - though, to be clear, breaking the law isn't funny - or you just happen to find police really amusing.

Either way, though, a lawyer and TikTok user has explained why you should not smile if you're getting your mug shot taken.

Lawyer @AttorneyPish used a mug shot of a woman to explain his point, claiming she had been arrested after a DUI accident which led to someone's death.

Referring to the woman's big smile in the image, Pish said: "Does this look like a woman who is remorseful for the crime she committed, that ended up killing someone?"

In the video, TikToker @sherifelsahly explained why it's never a good idea to smile in your mugshot.

The lawyer urged viewers to think about who will be seeing the mug shot, and the conclusions they could draw by seeing a smiling face.

"The jury is going to absolutely hate you... and by the way that woman is a real person, and she was sentenced to 11 years in prison," the attorney said.

Another attorney shared their own concerns after he heard some bad advice on the radio, where listeners were advised to smile in their mug shot snaps because the photo 'stays on the internet forever'.

"I was just on my way to my office and the radio DJ I was listening to made some comment about how you should smile in your mugshot because this picture will live on the internet forever," @AttorneyTom said.

Police officer with handcuffs.

"That is the worst advice I've ever heard and let me tell you why."

Tom used himself as an example this time, sharing a fake mug shot of himself pulling a wide grin.

"Does this look like someone who is sorry? Who is remorseful for what they just did? Despite the fact they could have killed or injured somebody?" he asked.

"No. They are smiling. This is why this case matters. This is why we are seeking the maximum sentence."

Tom added: "Send this to your friend who is most likely to get arrested."

Viewers were quick to agree with the lawyers, with one TikTok user comemnting: "Yes thank you!!! I was telling a friend how silly it is when I see people smiling in their mug shot."

Featured Image Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images / Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images

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