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Couple opens up about 20-year age gap relationship as they answer the ‘number one question’ people ask

Couple opens up about 20-year age gap relationship as they answer the ‘number one question’ people ask

The couple made clear they're on the same page when it came to answering people's burning questions

A couple with a 20-year age gap between them have spoken openly about the 'number one question' they get asked about their relationship.

In an ideal world, a romance really wouldn't be anyone's business apart from the people who are involved in it.

However, now that people are able to hide behind computers and share their thoughts on all manner of people's lives, there are some relationships that get more attention than others.

Kris and Hillary have a 20-year age gap. (TikTok/@fuelyourwander)
Kris and Hillary have a 20-year age gap. (TikTok/@fuelyourwander)

With a 20-year age gap, 'full-time RVers' Kris and Hillary are in one of those relationships, and decided to lean into the attention by answering their followers' questions.

In one video shared on their TikTok page, the couple sat down with a drink and revealed the 'number one most common question' they get: "Do you want to have kids together?"

As a dad of two, Kris has already experienced fatherhood and all the trials and tribulations that come with it, but Hillary has never had any children - apart from her 'fur babies', that is.

However, the couple made clear that they're happy being just the two of them.

Kris explained: "I have two grown boys, both in their 20s, I love them to death but I don't want any more kids.

"I'm getting a little bit older and I don't want more kids," he continued.

Hillary went on to say that while she gets on 'really well' with Kris' children, who she's actually closer in age to than their father, she doesn't want any children of her own.

"I'm in my mid-30s and I have never wanted kids before," she said. "I just never had that mom gene. I'm a fur baby mom through and through."

Hillary is closer to Kris' kids age. (TikTok/@fuelyourwander)
Hillary is closer to Kris' kids age. (TikTok/@fuelyourwander)

Hillary insisted the relationship 'works for' them, though stressed that the topic of whether or not to have kids is 'one of those important things you need to have a discussion about'.

"In any relationship, having kids is a huge topic, and if you have a big age gap between the two of you you definitely want to make sure you're on the same page of that," she said.

Kris added that while they're happy with no kids together, the couple might one day enjoy becoming grandparents through Kris' children.

Viewers have praised the pair for speaking so openly, with one commenting: "you guys dont look like there is an age gap between you at all! you both look great! Cheers! Nobodys opinion matters. Its your life, do you! [sic]"

Another agreed, writing: "It is nobody’s business - live your life on your own terms and do what makes you happy."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@fuelyourwander

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