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'Influencers' hold up traffic posing for photos on Brooklyn Bridge

'Influencers' hold up traffic posing for photos on Brooklyn Bridge

They could have just gone to the pedestrian walkway

Two women have been slammed online after footage caught them holding up traffic so they could take photos of themselves on Brooklyn Bridge.

Basically anyone who's heard of New York City will have probably heard of Brooklyn Bridge; the landmark which connects Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn Heights and is known for its high stone arches.

The structure attracts millions of tourists who are hoping to snap a picture with New York's skyline in the background, so it's not all that surprising to see people taking photos of themselves while walking on the bridge.

What is surprising is seeing someone stop their car in the middle of the road, get out, and start having a photoshoot there.

This exact scene was caught on camera by TikToker @melekete, who shared the clip online which showed a black car standing stationary in the right lane of the bridge with someone standing behind it taking photographs.

Meanwhile, another woman could be seen sitting on the metal structure of the bridge and posing for the camera, one arm up in the air and seemingly entirely unfazed by the delays she was causing to the flow of traffic.

The women continued to take photos while cars honked and slowly manoeuvred themselves around the parked car, forcing the traffic to merge to avoid a collision.

The women have been criticised by TikTokers.

Onlookers could be heard describing the scene from behind the camera, saying the women's actions were 'so bad' while writing on the video read: "Not the influencer girlies causing a traffic jam on the Brooklyn Bridge."

Though the honking of horns didn't stop them, the women did appear to jump when one of the cars started blaring a siren, possibly indicating a police officer had spotted them.

The woman with the camera appeared to hand the phone back to her friend after the siren went off, though the caption on the TikTok claimed 'even the cop sirens didn’t stop them'.

Brooklyn Bridge is popular with tourists.

Other TikTok users have been left entirely confused by the whole scene, with many people pointing out that Brooklyn Bridge does have a pedestrian walkway where they could have taken pictures without fear of being struck by an angry driver.

"The Brooklyn Bridge is walkable! They didn't even need to bring their car for a photoshoot," one person responded, while another commented: "there’s no way people are this out of touch with reality."

It's unclear whether the women faced any repercussions for their photoshoot, but if you learn anything from this video, let it be this: busy roads are not a good place to stop for photos.

Featured Image Credit: @melekete / TikTok

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