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Reporter emotionally hugs son live on air while reporting on shooting at his school

Reporter emotionally hugs son live on air while reporting on shooting at his school

Watch the moment a reporter emotionally hugs her son live on air while she is reporting on a shooting at his school

Unfortunately, school shootings in the US are a common occurrence, bringing devastating consequences to a lot of families.

And when such a devastating and shocking thing happens, all you want to do really is hug the closest family member.

That is exactly what happened to a Fox News reporter as her son walked past while she was reporting on a shooting at his school. Watch it below:

Alicia Acuña was reporting on a shooting from outside East High School in Denver, US, after a student pulled out a handgun during a daily search and opened fire.

The teenager - who was later identified as 17-year-old Austin Lyle - injured two school administrators and caused hundreds of students to go into lockdown.

Police say that Lyle fled the scene, where his car was later found alongside a road in the nearby Park County.

Later on Wednesday (22 March), officials found a body near the vehicle, which the county coroner's office confirmed was Lyle's body.

As with such a big story, media were out at the scene reporting on events as they happened.

Alicia Acuña for Fox News was one of those who essentially put herself in danger so that viewers could be informed with the latest updates.

While Acuña was reporting the latest for Fox during a live link, she spotted her son approaching and explained to the presenter back in the studio that she hadn't seen him since the shooting.

The reporter emotionally hugged her son while on air.
Fox News

He then came over to her during the broadcast and hugged her tightly in what was truly a touching moment.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," Acuña told her colleagues in the studio as her son approached her.

The correspondent then told her son: "I just need to finish this real quick, OK? You good?"

Apologizing for her actions, Acuña said: "I'm so sorry, there's no way you would have let your kid walk by."

One of the presenters in the studio told Acuña that she could take some time out to be with her son, but she insisted on continuing the broadcast.

Alicia Acuña apologized for the interruption to the broadcast.
Fox News

She said: "He's OK, he's good. He's the one who was telling me what was happening and my sister telling me what her daughter was telling her.

"This is a real weird thing toddling between reporting and being a parent here."

On Twitter, Acuña was praised by fellow Fox correspondent Bryan Llenas, who wrote: "Colleague and friend Alicia Acuña @aacuna1 did a remarkable job reporting live from a shooting at her children's high school in Denver today.

"Here she is hugging her son. So glad they are safe. Love you Alicia."

Featured Image Credit: Fox News

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