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Stock Market Bar Where Drinks Change Price Depending On How Many People Are Buying Them

Stock Market Bar Where Drinks Change Price Depending On How Many People Are Buying Them

This sounds so fun

People are loving a 'stock market' bar in Barcelona where the drinks change price depending on how many people order them.

The Dow Jones bar in Barcelona has a very quirky way of selling drinks. Essentially, the more you buy of one drink, the higher its price will be and the lower the price will be of other drinks.

And when there's a 'market crash' - around every 30-45 minutes - the price of the drinks plummet, which sees pretty much everyone rushing to the bar.

You have to be super quick though, as the crash usually only lasts a few minutes.

As it explain on the website, it's basically 'the only place in the world where a crash is actually a good thing'.

Dow Jones sells all kinds of drinks, including beers and cocktails, with prices displayed on large boards and screens behind the bar. The bar also serves a decent selection of food too, including burgers, tapas and pizzas.

People are loving the concept, with many who have visited the bar giving it glowing reviews. One person wrote: "Dow Jones is a stock market bar, and it works exactly as the name implies.

People are loving the concept of the bar.

"The prices of the drinks fluctuate depending on the popularity of it that night. Multiple times a night there is a market crash that sends the prices of all drinks plummeting, and everyone rushes the bar, its a blast! Even if you're on a budget you can play the market or wait for a crash and come out without having spent too much."

Another person wrote: "I loved this place!! The market crash was the best."

And a third added: "Whoever thought of this, is a down right genius. The bar is so much fun. Basically, the prices of the drinks change quite similarly to the stock market - the more a drink is bought; the higher the price goes, the less; cheaper. Every half hour or so the stock market 'crashes' for a few minutes; lowering prices."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "It's a cool concept, if you come in when it's quiet buy a drink quickly before the prices go up, especially if you are with a group! They also have market crashes every half hour or so where all the drink prices go down. Fun atmosphere."

This place definitely sounds like it's worth a visit. You can find out more information over on the website.

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Featured Image Credit: Grandes Ideas a Pie de Calle/YouTube/@inkytoks/TikTok

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