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Doctor claims his biological age is 20 years younger than his chronological age

Doctor claims his biological age is 20 years younger than his chronological age

The health guru has offered advice to others

We've all heard of the saying 'act your age not your shoe size' but it seems one fitness-savvy doctor has really taken it to the next level after claiming his biological age is a whole 20 years younger than his chronological age.

Dr. Mark Hyman is all about challenging people to reimagine their biology, health, and the process of ageing and puts his markers of cellular health (which determine 'biological age') down to a handful of various lifestyle habits.

From a decent fitness routine and healthy diet to ways to manage stress and morning meditation - this 63-year-old has seemingly stopped the hands of time after claiming to have a 'biological age' of just 43.

Dr. Mark Hyman claims his biological age is two decades younger than his actual one.

He explained it's a misconception that as we get older we have to deal with aches, pains and general ill health.

The US-based physician told Insider: "People don't realize those problems occur with things that we can change, that are reversible.

"It's a treatable condition, as opposed to an inevitable decline."

Hyman has outlined the importance of not just extending your lifespan but focussing on your 'health span' too.

He said: "Something to make things better decades down the road is kind of a hard sell. You're not just adding years to your life, you're adding life to your years.

And the secret?

The doctor starts off the day with 20 minutes of meditation at 6am.
cottonbro studio / Pexels

Well, the expert's day starts off pretty similar to most people with a steaming cup of joe.

Oh yeah - and a 20-minute meditation session at 6.00am followed by some writing.

Coffee is followed by some resistance training for about 30 minutes which Hyman claims has 'really transformed my body and health'.

Hyman went on to say his 'happy place' is doing 'about three hours of exercise a day'.

I may have to rethink my lifestyle choices considering my happy place is a big bowl of pasta bingeing the latest series to hit Netflix.

The morning workout is then followed by a steam shower and cold plunge - a la Wim Hof - with Hyman then proceeding to stay in '40-degree water' for a whole three minutes.

He then slurps down a post-morning workout 'healthy ageing shake' and heads up - it's not made of ice cream, chocolate and squirty cream.

Oh no - Hyman sips on a blended-up mix of plant nutrients with healthy fats found in things like chia and hemp seeds alongside '48 grams' of protein powder.

The health guru has  '48 grams' of protein powder with his morning shake.
Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

He explained: "As you get older, muscle mass is more important. It's a critical piece of healthy ageing."

Hyman also takes a bunch of supplements including a fatty acid called C15:0 which is said to help with sleep, energy levels and stress management as well as creatine which is used for muscle and brain health

"The most important things are exercise, and a diet with healthy fats and plant foods. No amount of supplements can replace those."

Well, there you have it.

All you need is some bright and early meditation, a freezing cold shower to kickstart your metabolism and a super seedy smoothie and you too could totally bio-hack your bod.

UNILAD has not verified Mark Hyman's cellular health markers.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/drmarkhyman

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