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Couple take pettiest revenge on neighbors who celebrated Fourth of July with fireworks at 1am

Couple take pettiest revenge on neighbors who celebrated Fourth of July with fireworks at 1am

A couple, whose dogs were left petrified after drunk neighbors let off fireworks until 1am, sought the ultimate revenge just hours later

There are very few things in life more annoying than noisy neighbors, especially at night.

But as most dog owners will be able to attest, there is one particular antisocial sound that wreaks havoc in their homes like no others. Fireworks.

The majority of people would agree there are exceptions to the rules on when it's acceptable to make noise at unsociable hours - such as Christmas, New Year's Eve or most recently the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July is a huge celebration for people across the United States, marking the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and many Americans choose to celebrate with fireworks.

Understandably, this can be a bit tricky for families with animals, and one couple decided enough was enough after being kept up all night by 'drunk' neighbors' fireworks.

The couple, who post from the handle @annabelle_and_norman on TikTok, took to the app to show how they got back at their neighbors by using their dogs, Annabelle and Norman, to create quite a disturbance.

In the short clip, the couple can be seen grinning and floating around in a pool, while the dogs bark continuously in the background.

The couple were quick to seek their revenge.
annabelle_and_norman / TikTok

They wrote: "When your drunk neighbors decided to set off fireworks until 1am last night so you decide to set off your own at 7am," alongside the caption: "How's that hangover working for you?"

After sharing the video, the couple were quickly inundated with messages of support from other TikTok users, who praised their methods of revenge.

"7am is generous, I'm feeling 4am tomorrow," one TikTok user commented, while another added: "You have to get portable Bose speakers out for some tunes."

In another video, the couple shared a clip of the Pitbulls cowering underneath the couch, terrified from the sound of the fireworks, so it's unsurprising the pet owners felt their revenge was justified.

The dogs were terrified of the fireworks.
annabelle_and_norman / TikTok

When one user commented calling them petty, the couple replied, explaining: "It's not about losing sleep. It's about the animals and veterans and those struggling with PTSD."

"Yes, thank you. My heart breaks when my doggie gets like this," one pet owner commented, while another added: "It takes one of my dogs, Bailey, a solid week not to be afraid to go outside again (day or night)."

Luckily it seems Annabelle and Norman got their revenge and hopefully their neighbors will think twice before disturbing their peace again.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@annabelle_and_norman/Oscar Sánchez Photography

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