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Couple divide opinion after getting married at Taylor Swift concert

Couple divide opinion after getting married at Taylor Swift concert

The incident has completely split the internet in two

One couple has split the internet right down the middle after getting married at a Taylor Swift concert.

The new bride uploaded footage from her very outside-the-box wedding to TikTok yesterday (20 March) and it has since gone viral, raking in millions of views.

The couple said their vows to each other on their floor seats as the concert blared ahead in front of them. Check it out:

Swift has just began her highly-anticipated Eras world music tour, which only started last week (17 March) and let's just say it's been very eventful thus far.

Hardcore Swifties are showing up in their masses to catch the 'Anti-Hero' singer performing all ten of her albums, including her latest, Midnights.

From Swift practically launching herself off stage into the crowd to none other than Elon Musk telling the singer that her 'limbic resonance skill is exceptional' - it's clear that this tour is going to jam-packed with bizarre happenings.

And that was definitely the case for super-fan René Hurtado, who really took her fangirling to the next level.

The wedding has sent the internet into a spiral.

René uploaded a video to TikTok sharing footage from her alternative wedding, which has since gone viral on the platform, and viewers don't know what to make of it

It has already amassed over 4.2 million views with thousands of people commenting their reaction to the concert wedding.

Some found the bride's choice genius, pointing out how iconic it was to have the Grammy-award-winning artist play at her wedding.

"So technically Taylor Swift played at the reception," one wrote.

"Who sang at your wedding", another joked about the common question people ask when it comes to music choice, "Taylor Swift."

Some fans thought the plan was genius.

A third called the whole thing 'wild', writing: "You can say Taylor attended your concert AND sang at ur wedding with over 50k guests."

Others, however, did not hold back on their judgement over René's 'super embarrassing' choice in location.

One posted: "I-why? Just curious."

"I’d be so annoyed/embarrassed if I was the husband lmfao," a second added.

A third echoed their concern for husband, Tom, writing: "It’s supposed to be special for both not just for her. I would not do that to my man.

"Lmao husband would rather be anywhere else," a fourth admitted.

Others dubbed the Swiftie wedding 'super embarrassing'.

The bride has since posted a series of further TikToks explaining the situation some more - broken into five whole 'storytime' parts to be exact.

She told her followers that she and her new hubby decided to get hitched after her friend suggested: "Why not get married at the concert?"

"I was like, 'Oh that's a great idea'," she revealed.

Talk about a destination wedding!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rene_hurtado

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