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There’s a country inside America with its own president and currency

There’s a country inside America with its own president and currency

The Republic of Molossia is a country within the United States that has its own president, currency and national anthem

Inside the US is a country striking out on its own, and not only does it have its own currency, but it also has its own president, language and national anthem.

The Republic of Molossia can be found in the middle of the Nevada desert, and this community is a self-proclaimed 'micronation'.

Molossia is the brainchild of two friends, Kevin Baugh and James Spielman. The pair founded Molossia on 26 May in 1977 and originally, the country was located in Portland, Oregon.

Before being known as the Republic of Molossia, the micronation was called the Grand Republic of Vuldstein and was under the rule of 'King' Spielman.

The Republic of Molossia has a grand population of 30 people. And four dogs.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

However, after Spielman's reign, the current president - Kevin Baugh - renamed the country the Republic of Molossia in 1999 and one of his first acts was to relocate to the Nevada desert.

While Molossia calls itself a country, it technically hasn't got its independence from the US just yet as in the past, President Baugh sought formal independence from the US through a petition. However, it failed to gather enough signatures for Molossia to receive formal recognition and be recognised in its own right.

While not achieving country status, being known as a 'micronation' means Molossia is a piece of land claiming to be an independent, sovereign nation, with its own system of government and societal rules.

As a result, it isn't seen as a country by its peers. In fact, Molossia hasn't always struck the most friendly of relationships with other nations and is in fact in a war with Germany since 1983.

The micronation has its own currency, independent of the US.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

The fall out is believed to be as a result of a dispute over an uninhabited island in Cuba, which has been unclaimed since the fall of the Berlin wall.

Molossia might be taking on big countries, but it is in fact a small micronation consisting of a very tiny population.

The current population, according to Travel Nevada, consists of just 30 people and four dogs. However, the small nation does have a big identity with its own national anthem, unique language (Esperanto), bank and currency (valora), railroad, post office, war office, and kazoo-like official instrument.

The micronation also doesn't have to pay taxes and trades in its own currency, sitting outside the jurisdiction of the US.

If you think Molossia sounds like the perfect place for you, then you might struggle to be accepted, however, as the small nation isn't seeking new residents.

The FAQ page on the micronation’s official website states that "you can’t [become a Molossian citizen]. Full residency in Molossia is a requirement of citizenship, and new residents are not allowed. There simply isn’t room in our tiny nation!"

The Republic of Molossia was founded in 1977.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

While holidaying and visiting other countries might be the habit of those with wanderlust, there's a very short window to see the sights of Molossia.

In fact, it only allows visitors to flock to the micronation just once a month, from April 15 through October 15, with specific visiting dates listed on the government’s website.

According to the website: "Visitors to Molossia must not come unannounced. This is our home as well as our nation and we may be unavailable to receive you. Visitors cannot tour the nation unescorted, again because it is also our home."

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