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People spot a cloud 'malfunctioning' as tiny patch of rain falls in street

People spot a cloud 'malfunctioning' as tiny patch of rain falls in street

A viral video has people wondering if we're actually all in a Truman Show simulation

People are wondering if we're all really just living in a simulation after watching a video which appears to show rain falling in one specific spot.

If you were standing in the right place on the Rue du Château, Paris, at the right time you could have been the victim of a highly localised torrential downpour while everyone around you was dry as a bone.

The footage, which some people have said must be the result of a 'cloud malfunctioning', appears to show heavy rain thundering down onto one chunk of the Parisian road while pedestrians walk by unbothered by rain.

Some even pause to look up at the sky in the hopes of seeing the rain's source, but since the footage doesn't reveal the source of the water the internet has taken on the weighty task of indulging in crazy speculation.

In the video you can see that the pavement and bits of the road around the downpour are dry so the supposed rainfall is incredibly localised.

With water pouring down in one spot some people thought it was a cloud 'malfunctioning'.

We should at this moment acknowledge that rain does tend to fall over areas larger than a few feet so if this was the result of some errant cloud then it's an incredibly strange occurrence.

Plenty of people drew comparisons with The Truman Show, specifically the bit where poor old Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) gets very specifically rained on due to his whole life being a simulation revolving around him.

One person said this was 'just like The Truman Show', while another said they'd 'been there' and shared a GIF from the movie.

If that's really the answer here then it seems rather disappointing that our planet's entire existence is all a simulation focused on one block of tarmac on a road in Paris.

There's spotting a glitch in the Matrix and then there's realising that if we are in a simulation we've been displaced from top billing by an inanimate object.

Other parts of the road seem pretty dry so this water fall is incredibly localised.

One person said it proved 'we're the real life Sims', though others had some less wholesome explanations than 'we're all living in a simulation'.

Some people said it was just God deciding to empty his bladder onto the world below, which puts a whole other disturbing spin on what rain is supposed to be.

A few took a more rational approach and suggested that the water probably came from a hosepipe that was spraying down from somewhere above like a roof of one of the surrounding buildings.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ @d_a_v_y__

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