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Man who modified his body to be a ‘black alien’ says restaurants are scared to serve him

Man who modified his body to be a ‘black alien’ says restaurants are scared to serve him

A man who had gone to extreme lengths to be a 'black alien' says that restaurants are scared to serve him.

A man who has modified his boy to extreme lengths to the point where he calls himself a 'black alien', has revealed how restaurants are scared to serve him.

Anthony Loffredo, 33, has undergone numerous procedures over the years in order to completely transform his body after becoming ‘passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body’ from a young age.

Some of his modifications include having his top lip removed, with his nose going trough the same treatment, while he has also covered the likes of his eyeballs in tattoos - that's got to be painful, surely!

The removal of his front lip, for example, saw it gather upwards in a point towards his nose, leaving his front teeth exposed.

Not only that, but Loffredo has also removed his ears, nostrils and even a few fingers, while he has also sharpened his teeth and dyed them purple.

Anthony Loffredo has gone through numerous procedures.
Instagram / @the_black_alien_project

The 'black alien' also has many full body tattoos, showing how often he is in the tattoo parlour.

While Loffredo loves his look, there is one place he has found where he can't come in peace, and unfortunately, that involves everyone's favourite thing: food.

"If I want to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the server says I can’t eat on the terrace," he told LADbible earlier this year.

In the same interview, Loffredo said that his transformation journey started when he was 27, which helped him understand life and makes him feel more like himself.

Despite all his extreme modifications, Loffredo said his mom is very much supportive of his transformation.

"There are people who are open-minded and there are people who are close-minded," he told LADbible. "That's the way it is.

"That's how it will be for all of humanity. I can't make everyone be open to everything."

While some do not accept him, Loffredo's mom is very much supportive.
Instagram / @the_black_alien_project

In a different interview with the Club 113 podcast last year, Loffredo opened up on people accepting him and how it is a 'fight every day'.

He said: "Every day you find new people who don’t understand, who want to judge. It’s life, not everyone understands everything. Like me, I don’t understand lots of things about lots of people.

"You can’t judge someone. No one knows what’s inside someone’s head, why they’re doing that, you need to talk with this person."

Loffredo added that he is just a 'normal guy' with family and friends.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @the_black_alien_project

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