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Base jumper shares terrifying video of getting stuck in a tree for two hours in jump gone wrong

Base jumper shares terrifying video of getting stuck in a tree for two hours in jump gone wrong

The jumper feared he'd break his back and legs if the tree snapped

A base jumper was left fearing he was going to break his back and legs after a daring jump went wrong.

The adrenaline junkie was filming himself taking part in the stunt when disaster took hold and he was left dangling from a tree for several hours.

Take a look below but be warned, this may induce some seriously sweaty palms:

In the eye-watering footage, you can see Rory - who goes by @groundrushtv on TikTok - in a helmet effortlessly flinging himself from the top of a cliff.

“Three, two, one,” he says as he runs off the edge before opening his parachute.

Only as he starts his descent to the ground, however, the parachute’s fabric gets caught in an overhanging tree, resulting in him slamming into the side of the cliff with some pretty cringe-worthy force.

Rory is then left precariously suspended from his harness, praying that the tree and his parachute don’t break.

“Oh s**t,” he's heard saying as he sways in the wind, realising what has happened.

He’s then left clinging on to his harness, suspended from the branches, for over a sweat-inducing two hours.

The adrenaline junkie was left swaying in the wind for over two hours.

“This is f*****g scary,” he says to the camera. “I’m hanging from a tree in a base jumping harness and it’s just got windy and I’m getting blown around.

“If the tree breaks or my canopy breaks, I’m definitely going to break my back and some legs.”

Thankfully, after calling for help, he was brought back to safety by a mountain rescue team.

To show his appreciation, Rory has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the 'brave volunteers who saved his life'.

"To all of my followers who enjoy watching the content that I create. I’ve put this go fund me page together to get donations for the volunteers that helped me get down from this sticky situation," he wrote.

"All money raised will be donated to the brave people in the mountain rescue team that saved my life."

After the video was shared, many people were quick to praise the jumper for remaining so calm, with one saying: "Your level of calm was truly impressive."

“Jeez well done though on keeping composed and taking the impact,” another wrote while another commented: “Glad you’re alive buddy, that’s all that matters.”

The base jumper was thankfully rescued by a mountain rescue team shortly after his fall.

Base jumping is one of the most dangerous extreme sports and, as the name suggests, involves people jumping from fixed objects and using a parachute to descend safely to the ground.

Base is, in fact, an acronym for the categories of objects that people typically jump from including buildings, antenna (such as radio masts), spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs).

You can read more and donate to Rory's GoFundMe fundraiser here.

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Featured Image Credit: @groundrushtv/Tiktok

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