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Deaf guy points out huge flaw after getting stuck in a lift

Deaf guy points out huge flaw after getting stuck in a lift

A man has spoken out about the lack of accessibility for deaf people after getting stuck in a lift.

A man has spoken out about the lack of accessibility for deaf people after getting stuck in a lift.

It's most people's worst nightmare coming true. Stepping into a confined space and then suddenly feeling the box judder to a halt before reaching your floor.

However, for Jephta, his experience getting trapped in a lift became even more testing when he realised the procedure to call for help wasn't deaf-friendly.

In a video posted to TikTok, Jephta showed followers what you're meant to do if you get stuck in a lift.

The sign reads: "In the event of a lift emergency, please press and hold alarm button for five seconds.

"You will then be connected to an emergency helpline."

Jephta explained how the emergency protocol in a lift doesn't work for deaf people as it consists of pressing a button and sounding an alarm for five seconds.
@mrasamoah/ TikTok

The post has amassed over half-a-million views and hundreds of thousands of likes, with Jephta's followers having rained in on the comments to point out how problematic the 'design flaw' is.

One said: "My son is deaf and I'm really worrying about this. Everything is set up for hearing people when we have the technology and resource to be inclusive."

"It's in these little things no one stops to think that shows us how ableist our society really is," another wrote.

A third commented: "We need to do better and take accessibility more seriously."

Other TikTokers were quick to criticise the lack of accessibility.
@mrasamoah/ TikTok

Others suggested alternative solutions for if someone else who is deaf ever gets stuck in a lift.

One said: "Google translate text to speech make it just repeat itself."

"Text someone get them on the phone and let them speak if you got signal," another wrote.

A final resolved: "This is crazy never thought about that they should have something in place for this like a keypad or something."

In a later update, Jephta reassured followers he managed to get out of the lift OK.

However, he recalled how 'worried' he'd been and how much he'd been 'panicking' and 'pacing around' while stuck inside the lift, reflecting on the experience as 'hell'.

The TikToker explained how he called out for help and a member of the building's security thankfully heard him and managed to open the door.

However, the security guard then went to get help, closing the door back on Jephta and leaving him there for around '20 to 30 minutes' which felt 'like four hours'.

Thankfully, he brought back a 'big guy' to help open the doors again and help the TikToker out.

While Jephta is now fine, he noted: "But we need to have a serious discussion about the audism [discrimination against deaf people and those with hearing impairments] though."

If you've been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Scope via their website, via email, or on 0808 800 3333. The line is open 9am-6pm Monday to Fridays, and 10am-6pm Saturdays and Sundays 

Featured Image Credit: @mrasamoah/TikTok

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