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Man who still looks 15 years old says strangers can't believe his real age

Man who still looks 15 years old says strangers can't believe his real age

Brandon Miles May has revealed how he stays looking like a teenager

A man who many believe to a teenager says the majority of people can't believe his real age, and he's explained his secrets for eternal youth.

Brandon Miles May, a social media content creator, from Detroit, Michigan, said: "When I go to the airport security ask me who old I am. They do a double take.

"The age people think I am ranges but it can be 15 or 16 or 18 to 19.

"I've never had any work done. What I do is pretty simple but effective."

Many believe Brandon is 15. (SWNS)
Many believe Brandon is 15. (SWNS)

Brandon's tips and tricks include wearing sunscreen daily, covering up his skin when he goes outside and avoiding alcohol.

He's also careful what he eats and sticks to a diet of fresh fruit, plant-based food and fish.

He said: "I attribute not drinking to my youthful appearance. Really embodying the feeling of youth. I think it has helped. I think and see myself as young.

"I've been staying out of sunlight my whole life. I wear a hoodie to block the sun and use physical coverings on the backs of my hands."

Despite looking like he's in his mid-teens, Brandon is 35. No, really.

Since the age of 13, he's been taking good care of his skin, while also ensuring he has a healthy lifestyle.

He continued: "At 13 I was already starting to become aware of longevity and anti-aging.

"I was really into nutrition at that stage and keeping my body young."

Of course, exercise is pretty important too, though Brandon doesn't do anything too 'heavy' to strain this body.

"I don't go heavy on exercise. Too much exercise can cause stress on the body - it can age the body," he said.

"I keep my exercise moderate and gentle - a walk, yoga, and some strength training."

Brandon adapts a very healthy lifestyle. (SWNS)
Brandon adapts a very healthy lifestyle. (SWNS)

And Brandon will continue to 'invest' time into his health and lifestyle to ensure he stays in tip-top condition for a long time to come.

He added: "I want to feel good. Feeling young is part of looking young. Living forever isn't a priority. It's about maintaining my health.

"I think I look better than I did ten years ago. I feel physically and emotionally young. I think the body follows the mind."

Strangers often think Brandon's lifestyle is 'exhausting', but he does still treat himself to chocolate, but not the kind of chocolate most people would enjoy.

"I eat chocolate every single day. I have 92 percent to 100 percent cacao. It's super bitter," he added.

"I'm pretty flexible too. If I go out for dinner I'll have some bread and olive oil."

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