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Chilling audio from Anneliese Michel exorcism released after she was 'possessed' by demons
Featured Image Credit: Mystery Archives via YouTube

Chilling audio from Anneliese Michel exorcism released after she was 'possessed' by demons

Audio from one of the many exorcisms Anneliese Michel had due to being 'possessed' has been creeping out listeners.

Disturbing audio from Anneliese Michel during an exorcism has begun to circulate on social media.

While many don’t believe in demons or being ‘possessed’, it has been used in the past to explain many mental ailments or episodes.

The story of German woman Anneliese Michel is no different, and her eventual death resulted in her parents and two priests involved facing jail time in 1976.

Anneliese Michel was born in 1952 to a devout Catholic family in Bavaria, West Germany, and growing up her parents, Anna and Joseph, were reportedly overprotective of her due to her being medically fragile from a young age.

Anneliese is said to have battled the mumps, measles and scarlet fever from a young age.

Anneliese Michel before her death.

She died when she was just 23-years-old, but when she was 16 had experienced a seizure and was diagnosed with psychosis caused by temporal lobe epilepsy.

Following this, Anneliese was diagnosed with depression and sent to a hospital to be treated. However, this proved to be unsuccessful.

Despite the multiple medications and treatments she received over years, Anneliese’s condition worsened and her parents believed that she had become possessed by a demon and sought the help of the Catholic Church for an exorcism.

When it was eventually granted by a local bishop, two priests began having exorcism sessions with the young woman.

One audio recording from one of the sessions has begun to circulate on social media and has been creeping out listeners for being so eerie. Warning: Below is graphic audio which some listeners may find distressing:

“There needs to be more prayers to angels. They are my enemies,” Michel allegedly said in the translated audio.

“I hate them. People need to pray to them more because, because, because, because the power of Hell is so great now,”

Michel died at her home on July 1 in 1976 and the autopsy stated that the cause of death was malnutrition and dehydration, due to almost a year in a state of starvation while the rites of exorcism were conducted.

Michel’s parents, the two priests were found guilty of negligent homicide and were sentenced to six months in jail however this was reduced to three years of probation.

Anneliese's parents believed she was being possessed by a demon, which lead to them ordering an exorcism.
Getty Stock Image

X users have remarked at just how disturbed they are from the audio and the situation as a whole.

“It is really disturbing! A total of 67 exorcism?,” one user remarked.

“This audio clip gave me chills! I'll stick to watching cartoons for some light-hearted entertainment instead,” another added.

“I'm a scaredy cat and at the same time fascinated with this kind of content. Is it just me?, a third wrote.

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